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Young workers and students to compete at National Championship of Professional Mastery — WorldSkills Belarus

Masters can do anything

Young workers and students to compete at National Championship of Professional Mastery — WorldSkills Belarus — for the second time, with the event hosted by Minsk Football Manege from May 17th-19th

At the WorldSkills-2014 Competition

Arkady Shklyar, the Rector of the Republican Institute of Professional Education, says that the event has grown. The first championship — held in 2014 — gathered 150 under 22s who competed in 20 categories. This year, 258 professionals will demonstrate their skills in 35 areas. In addition, six countries have confirmed their participation.

The competition level has also increased. Last time, the assessment of skills was undertaken by a jury of participants but this year, over 260 experienced experts have been invited — including members who were the first to represent Belarus at the international stage of the championship in Sao Paulo in August 2015 and experts from South Korea, Russia, Finland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Young people will compete in 30 categories — such as joinery and electrical works, fashion design and business software. Another five so-called competences are demonstrated: these will feature skills in baking, cosmetology and other promising areas. As at the international stage, the results will be collated with the help of an automated system, with a 500-point scale. This will be then used by Belarusian vocational school students to assess the level of training.

According to the First Deputy Education Minister — Vadim Bogush, the first JuniorSkills Belarus contest will be organised for schoolchildren. There are only eight competencies here — including mobile robots, industrial robots, technology and unmanned aerial vehicles; mechatronics acts as a demonstration. The first championship was attended by over 50 thousand people, including many schoolchildren and their parents. The organisers believe that even more people will attend this year.

The WorldSkills Belarus-2016’s best of the best will be included in the national team to represent our country at the international WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, in 2017.

By Olga Pavlova
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