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Dasha Domracheva has recently visited a major sports facility: Novopolotsk’s College of Olympic Reserve

Master class by cult figure

Dasha Domracheva transforms biathlon into one of Belarusians’ favourite sports, with dozens of youngsters attracted to specialised clubs. She is beloved by many and has recently visited a major sports facility: Novopolotsk’s College of Olympic Reserve. There, future Olympic biathlon champions are being trained.

Darya Domracheva takes photos with young athletes

The three time Olympic champion toured the facility, visiting hostels, watching training classes, and viewing the sports complex and the canteen. She also visited the museum, where her signed photo is kept among other exhibits.

Her master class was the highlight of her trip, allowing young athletes to receive a lesson from the biathlon star. “I don’t know whether I’ll show you anything new but I hope it’ll be useful,” Darya told the young people, greeting them warmly.

“I was unsure whether we should have a session inside or outside. However, all technical skills are based on strong bodies so I’d like to show you my favourite exercises for building muscle strength, aimed at skiing.” She then donated a TRX simulator (the same as she uses herself).

The master classes ended with a photo session and Darya giving autographs. Commenting on her plans for the coming season, she noted that she doesn’t intend to take part in every competition, as she feels the need to rest, especially mentally, so that she is ready to ‘battle anew’.

Darya then chatted with Novopolotsk’s Mayor, Dmitry Demidov, and sponsors who support not only herself but the College: Naftan JSC.

By Igor Leshin
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