Markets surely won’t endure delays

Joint enterprises producing Belarusian buses and trucks to be set up in Vietnam
Two joint ventures producing Belarusian buses and trucks are being set up in Vietnam, to supply the Vietnamese and ASEAN markets. An intergovernmental protocol on the production of motor transport vehicles has been signed with the Industry Ministry of Belarus, becoming the first step in helping Belarusian companies gain a stronger foothold on the Southeast Asian market.

Modern buses to be assembled in Vietnam

Various industrial companies, including Minsk Automobile Works, Minsk Motor Plant, Minsk Tractor Works, Gomselmash, and Bobruiskagromash, are keen to liaise. Moreover, Belarus is ready to offer not only mass-produced goods but innovative and tailored goods, for specific application.

Vietnam knows well the advantages of Belarusian equipment, having used it widely since Soviet days. The signed protocol will help the industries of our two countries move closer, while satisfying Vietnam’s need for buses and trucks, and promoting local industrial potential.

Belarus and Vietnam plan to achieve $500m in bilateral trade in the near future, with industry to the fore. In 2015, Industry Ministry exported to Vietnam over $16.8m, rising more than 2.5-fold against 2014. The ministry’s main exports are rock haulers and diesel engines, tractors and bearings.

By Olga Korneeva
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