Market segment under control

Mogilev-based Izospan enterprise changes structure of market for its own benefit

By Semen Kulikovsky

Although Izospan enterprise manufactured its first batch of heat insulation sandwich panels and boards last May, it has taken time to master the technology, which is a new innovation for Belarus. “Only now can we say with confidence that we’ve stabilised production and achieved high quality goods meeting the best European standards,” notes Igor Cherny, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Izobud Group of Companies in Belarus. Belarus now controls the domestic market segment for sandwich panels made from polyisocyanurates foams, recently controlled by foreign suppliers.

The company’s produce is already widely used for major projects in the farming and food industries (refrigerators, freezing warehouses and fruit storage facilities). Its new line-up was initially oriented towards domestic and foreign markets. Now, regional representatives are working throughout the Russian Federation to find construction industry customers for goods made by the Izobud Group of Companies.

“We’ve managed to unite the state’s two most acute industrial strategies: energy saving and import substitution,” asserts Mr. Cherny. He explains that the creation of the unique sandwich panels’ production changed the structure of the market in 2010, being unrivalled in Belarus and in neighbouring states for its efficiency and manufacturability. Imports of these panels, made in Russia and Europe, have fallen to 10-15 percent and could fall to 9 percent this year. Mr. Cherny is confident that exports of Belarusian materials to Russia and Ukraine will rise dramatically.

The new factory is located in Mogilev, which boasts a high level of industry, perfect conditions for manufacturing and well-qualified staff. A favourable investment climate, few bureaucratic obstacles and proximity to the major export markets of Russia and Ukraine are other great advantages. “Moreover, we hope Mogilevkhimvolokno JSC can master the manufacture of a whole range of raw components for our production in the future, enabling us to gain considerable market advantages,” believes Mr. Cherny.

Yulia Arabei, Head of Izobud’s Marketing Department, notes that great attention has been paid to studying major world trends in organising modifications in sandwich panelling and heat insulation boards. The major requirements of construction and the necessary technical characteristics have been outlined, including thermal conductivity, fire resistance, durability and parameter stability. Goods by European producers have acted as a competitive comparison.

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