Manors to Suit Everyone

Belarus has perfect conditions for agricultural and ecological tourism
Agro-eco-tourism, the shortened form of agricultural and ecological tourism, is a wonderful opportunity for dwellers of large cities to have a rest in a clean location without leaving Belarus, Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov told reporters.

Belarus has over 70 manors catering for all categories of tourists. This number doubled in 2005 alone. Agro-eco-tourist facilities are becoming a profitable business in this country. In the Minsk Region every district will have its own facilities of the kind soon. As of now there are 30 manors. All of them are registered in the national association of agricultural tourism. Most of the manors are located in resort areas, especially the Myadel, Logoisk, Minsk and Stolbtsy Districts. The Volozhin, Molodechno and Starye Dorogi Districts have recently selected locations for tourist facilities.
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