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Belarus makes proposals on selection of the candidate to the post of UN Secretary General

Belarus makes proposals on selection of the candidate to the post of UN Secretary General

Belarus has presented its proposals on securing the open and efficient selection of the candidate to the post of UN Secretary General. The Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN, Andrei Dapkiunas, spoke at a meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalisation of Work of the General Assembly, which was devoted to the selection and appointment of the next UN Secretary General.

Andrei Dapkiunas (centre) voices the proposal

The Security Council recommends nominees to the General Assembly. The head of Belarus’ mission to the UN has proposed that the 70-year age limit be removed, alongside the necessity of UN member states only proposing one candidate. Mr. Dapkiunas wishes to see Security Council members be given more freedom in selecting a candidate (or candidates), free from excessive pressure or over-regulation.

The Belarusian representative drew attention to the need to ensure the independence of the Secretary General, rising above the influence of particular states, while having full accountability to the General Assembly. He is keen to promote the use of the secret ballot in choosing the Secretary General, believing this to be a transparent path. Moreover, he wishes to see the General Assembly avoid questionable proposals, which ignore the general views of UN member states.

Mr. Dapkiunas noted that the post of Secretary General has never been held by a woman or by a national from an Eastern European state, indicating a gender and regional imbalance. He also called for fair rotation of the office of the Secretary General.

The Belarusian diplomat submitted pragmatic proposals on ensuring transparency and effectiveness in the selection process. He also highlighted the importance of UN member states being able to convene meetings at their own initiative: for regional groups and inter-governmental associations. He believes that all members of the Security Council should be consulted in selecting the best possible candidate(s), to ensure that an atmosphere of trust is promoted.

By Vladislav Mikhailovsky
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