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Seven most significant cultural-historical sites to be chosen in Belarus
By Alexey Danilin

The First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Alexey Radkov, has announced the Seven Miracles of Belarus project, during a seminar of ideological activists, in the Vitebsk Region. Among the most discussed topics were the forthcoming elections to Local Councils of Deputies, the development of regional media and the victories of our Olympians in Sochi.

Exchange of experience and dialogue is vital, as emphasised by Alexander Radkov. He notes, “Even if you are diligently standing at your machine, you understand that your work must be of the highest quality: you are responsible. It is an ideology of responsibility.” Patriotism pervades every aspect of life, encompassing respect for own history and national traditions. In this sense, Seven Miracles of Belarus bears great significance.

Public opinion will be used alongside that of experts to select the list of important places. “We may include Brest Hero Fortress, the St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk, Buinichi Field, or the castles of Mir or Nesvizh. In choosing, it’s desirable that we have not only religious sites but places of heroic glory: relics of our people which each resident and visitor feel obliged to visit,” Mr. Radkov explains.

Youngsters in the Orsha District recently gathered to discuss freedom of choice and responsibility, in readiness for the forthcoming elections to Local Councils of Deputies. “Elections are always a moment of truth: a moment of responsibly for each person, since our choice defines the future of citizens, families and the country. Everyone making a decision needs to act consciously and responsibly,” asserted Mr. Radkov, addressing the young people.

Speaking of the role of the regional media in public life, the first Deputy Head of the Administration of the President noted that local regional newspapers have an important role to play. He believes that their steady circulation needs to be encouraged, alongside regional television, since both reflect events affecting local residents. Naturally, this inspires interest, since the news features issues affecting their region and the people they know.

Mr. Radkov notes that three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva is to become a Hero of Belarus. He asserts, “As soon as Darya had skied, and we saw that she had won a gold medal, we at once said that she was a hero of Belarus. Her success is the result of much wearisome work; such victories are not spontaneous, being the result of intense effort from sportsmen, trainers, all those involved in preparing competitions and children’s sports schools. Medals are a joint victory, bringing happiness and inspiring so many people. In winning a gold medal, and then more, Darya has inspired everyone. We are sure that new and no less great victories lie ahead.”
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