Major crossroads for international relations

Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov heads Belarus’ governmental delegation at 66th session of UN General Assembly, as it opens at New York headquarters

By Alina Grishkevich

The primary objective of the Belarusian delegation will be to promote foreign political initiatives dealing with: human trafficking; the creation of effective international mechanisms to raise the accessibility of technologies; the promotion of new and renewable energy sources for developing countries and transitional economies; the raising of the wellbeing of future generations; and the strengthening of international support for states with medium levels of income.

There are almost 170 issues on the agenda, with the mitigation of the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis taking a leading position. Measures to improve the international financial system must be agreed. The strengthening of the UN’s role in preventing and handling armed conflicts endangering international peace and security is another priority. Moreover, preparations for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (to be held in Rio de Janeiro next year) will be agreed, as will events to be held as part of the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

The UN General Assembly session will include thematic meetings — such as the Nuclear Security Summit and the Conference on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Upon Belarus’ initiative, the second Ministerial Meeting of the Group of Friends United against Human Trafficking will be held.

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