Madonnas of Alexey Kuzmich

A painter Alexey Kuzmich dedicated an exhibition of his pictures to women
A painter Alexey Kuzmich dedicated an exhibition of his pictures to women.

The art of Alexey Kuzmich is penetrated by the idea of service to a Woman as a symbol of Beauty. The painter created more than a thousand of pictures, united with a common topic — “Madonnas”. On his canvases Madonnas are blue-eyed, white-haired, in a word, Slavic. Alexey Kuzmich approves, that beauty, purity and “divinity” of Belarusian women made him refer to this topic, a fundamental one in his art.
An unusual place for exposition was chosen: 26 pictures were placed in a narrow and long corridor of the Ministry of Information.
— I visited an exhibition of canvases of old masters in Florence. The pictures hung by the sides of a narrow and long hall, and this helped the viewer to feel their energy especially strong and to plunge into the mystery of art. It is difficult to achieve this in exhibition halls. Here, in this narrow space, a painter obtains possibility to communicate with a viewer with the help of his pictures — from soul to soul, from heart to heart.
An unusual topic in the art of Alexey Kuzmich appeared not by chance. There were seven children in a big family of his parents, five of them were girls. His father died early and mother brought up children. This is why Kuzmich idolizes a woman-mother in his art.
— I would like to return mother’s idolization in our society. A woman-mother is the beginning of all beginnings: outstanding politicians, scientists, artists, painters — all, whom we admire, a mother gave birth to one day. The painter remains faithful to one topic during his creative way. The author has a dream — to create a gallery, where all works would be collected. Some works are especially dear to the painter, and even the proposition of high fees doesn’t change his decision in respect of certain pictures. “I don’t want to sell the pictures. To present them is a different matter”, — says the painter.
The painter confesses, that his wife, Inessa, inspired him for many pictures.
— My wife has a face of the Renaissance. You can see such faces on the pictures of da Vinci and Rafael.
Madonnas of Alexey Kuzmich are collective images. The pictures of this painter possess a strange feature: women-visitors recognize themselves in his Madonnas. It happens, that the viewers say, that this or that Madonna resembles a sister, a mother, a girl friend as two peas. Earthly and heavenly simultaneously, Madonnas, created by the master, remind about dear and important women in their destinies.

Alexander Semenov
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