Madonna as a true ideal of feminine beauty

Personal exhibition by Alexey Kuzmich, entitled Images of Madonnas, opens at Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin

The exhibition has been organised by the Belarusian Embassy to Germany, in co-operation with Alexey Kuzmich’s son, to mark International Women’s Day. Continuing through early April, it includes more than 30 works from various decades, all connected by the theme of the Madonna as an icon of feminine beauty, maternity and spirituality.

Speaking at the opening ceremony were the Deputy Director of the Russian House of Science and Culture, Alexander Anisimov, and Belarus’ Charge d’Affaires, Sergey Malinovsky. The artist’s son, Alexey Kuzmich, presented a book of memoirs on his father, Alexey Kuzmich: The Creator of Elevated Madonnas. Meanwhile, guests were shown a documentary entitled Light of a Distant Star, dedicated to Alexey Kuzmich’s creativity. The exhibition is being held as part of a long-term project aimed at promoting the creativity of the outstanding artist, as well as other Belarusian art, more widely abroad.

By Pavel Martyshenko
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