Love wins the day

Dog in the Manger musical comedy (from Spanish Lope de Vega’s script) premiered at one of Belarus’ newest theatres: the Belarusian Army Drama Theatre

By Olga Gumileva

One of the best classical performances worldwide — Dog in the Manger — was written almost four centuries ago. Belarusian Army Drama Theatre Artistic Director Alexey Dudarev admitted at a general rehearsal that he has greatly reinterpreted the play, though carefully preserving Lope de Vega’s plot and major themes. “The performance is somehow different, being of a new genre and boasting a different approach,” he said. “At present, all medieval classical pieces require this. It’s impossible to stage Hamlet in the form in which it was originally created. It’s a different time now, with different relations and speeds. However, we must preserve and stage plays written by great authors, preserving Lope de Vega and Chekhov.”

Director Marina Dudareva and playwright Alexey Dudarev have managed to unite hot sunny Italy and our Slavonic winter in their play. Composer Vladimir Kondrusevich has written an original score, while classical pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart and, even, an Italian lute are included.

This cheerful and funny performance, with a simple plot, retains suspense, with serious dialogue. “The theme deals with an ordinary miracle: that of love. Different paths lead to it but the end is the same: the union of two hearts,” asserts Ms. Dudareva.

The message of the performance is that love wins through; being true, it destroys all obstacles. The comedy tells us about life which is bright, joyful, well costumed, full of songs, dancing, sun and love…

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