Lost rare treasures become available holographically

By late 2012, Mogilev’s P. Maslennikov Regional Art Museum is to launch a holographic exhibition entitled The Mystery of Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya’s Cross (the first of its kind countrywide)

By Svetlana Veremeiko

Visitors will be able to see over twenty holographic depictions of the cross and various lost Belarusian icons and other treasures. Preparations are underway, overseen by International Engineering Academy physicist Leonid Tanin, who has long been involved in the Hermitage to Each House project. This aims to make rare artefacts available to all and began with his first exhibition of artistic holograms in 1978, in the USSR.

“I read about scientist Tanin’s work long ago and am delighted to have him now liaising with us,” notes the Deputy Director of the Museum for Scientific Work, Svetlana Strogina. “Financing has been allocated for the project and the concept is being discussed, with much work ahead.”

Legendary Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya’s Cross and other unique Belarusian treasures were lost during the Great Patriotic War from the museum’s special archives.

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