Long-term Objectives

International chernobyl conference among key issues on un minsk office agenda for 2006
A large-scale international conference timed to the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is to take place in Minsk this April. The head of the UN Office in Minsk, Cihan Sultanoglu, said she hoped the forum would give a boost to the international cooperation aimed to develop and recover the Chernobyl-hit areas, as well as to improve the standard of living of resident population.

She went on to say that the UN Office would move on with the projects of the UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA designed for the period until 2010. The projects in question require an estimated $40 million. Besides, the World Bank will keep working with the documents necessary for Belarus to take out a $50 million loan to recover the territory affected by the Chernobyl accident, while the International Finance Corporation is preparing projects aimed to back Belarus’ small and medium-sized businesses. The UN Office in Belarus always has long-term objectives, Cihan Sultanoglu said.

Irina Trofilova
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