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Exhibition of works by Adam Globus is a bright event at National Art Museum

Exhibition of works by Adam Globus is a bright event at National Art Museum

Adam Globus’ work
Vladimir Adamchik (who works under the pseudonym of Adam Globus) was born in the Minsk Region’s Dzerzhinsk. Since 1959, he has lived in Minsk and, since 1989, has been a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

In the early 1980s, Adam Globus became a professional artist, having studied at the Monumental and Decorative Art Department of the Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute.

He chose the surname of his mother (Nina Globus) and began to gain a reputation for being a provocative poet and avant-garde artist. His father, Vyacheslav Adamchik, was a famous writer, novelist, playwright, translator and editor.

Adam Globus was educated as a muralist, taking part in restoration, painting, graphic art, literature and publishing. Distinctive in style and ideas, he has a unique artistic dialogue with the world and, like his peers, has worked to fill niches in Belarusian culture: creating comics; developing erotic motifs in fine art and literature; and exploring new means of expression.

He seeks out distinctive protagonists rather than obvious heroes. His acute eye is as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, and his style is extremely recognisable, as we see in his monumental stained glass works, which are perfect regardless of size, using abstract, thematic and urban motifs.

His words complement his visual art, chosen for the same reason: his desire to explore new paths. Working freelance, he lives for his art and through art.

By Victor Mishin
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