Little snowmen save Andryusha

Charity campaign helps raise money for treatment of a Ukrainian four-year boy

Charity campaign helps raise money for treatment of a Ukrainian four-year boy

Andrey Semilit’s parents have moved from Ukrainian Cherkassy to Gomel for the sake of their son where the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology will be able to help with his treatment.

To keep him occupied, they made toys from fabric and ‘stuffed’ them with rice. Photos of their creativity were posted by Andrey’s mother on her social network page. Alena Semilit didn’t complain about her life although the situation was difficult, as they needed $32,000 for treatment (which the family didn’t have).

Help arrived from an unexpected place. Their friends spread the word about Andrey’s fate and suggested buying these small snowmen. Thousands of people have sent requests for the hand-made items, to help pay for the treatment. The parents were overwhelmed with this kind-heartedness but wondered how they would manage to make so many toys. Volunteers came to help and thousands of Belarusians began to sew ‘snowy’ toys.

Over $35,000 was raised through their joint efforts, enough for the course of chemotherapy and several years of supportive treatment. “We’ve already started the fourth course of chemotherapy,” Alena tells us. “Now there is a much greater chance of his recovery.” A part of the money raised was also donated to a small girl from Donbass who is having treatment for Leukaemia at the Gomel centre.

By Vladimir Svetov
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