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Lithuanian guests fond of Belarusian sanatoriums

Although Belarusian sanatoriums recently increased their prices, their services are still enjoying high demand among foreigners

Tourist companies note that those from abroad are often choosing Belarusian spas, as confirmed by statistics. According to the Republican Centre for Recuperation and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment, 193,000 foreigners stayed at Belarusian sanatoriums last year (in 2010, the figure reached 178,000). Most arrive from the CIS — primarily Russia. About 10 percent of foreign clients come from Israel, Poland, Germany and the Baltic States.

Belarusian spas in Lithuania also enjoy demand. Tourist agencies note that guests are attracted not only by their comfort but by the value for money offered: five meals a day and numerous medical procedures. “Prices for recuperating at Belarusian sanatoriums and Lithuanian Druskininkai are almost the same but Belarus offers more for your money — regarding meals and procedures. Of course, many guests are more interested in improving their health than enjoying luxury,” admits the Head of LT Travel Club tourist agency, Ugne Gudeliauskaite. She notes that spas along Lake Naroch enjoy the greatest popularity.

Pink Tour company also notes increased interest in recuperating in Belarus. “Belarus offers cheaper spa and medical treatment services than Druskininkai or Birљtonas. Moreover, guests enjoy five meals and up to six procedures daily. With this in mind, demand in Lithuania is high and ever growing,” the company’s Director, Narine Mamedova, emphasises. “Belarus is mostly chosen by elderly people; however, guests are not limited to pensioners or Russian speaking Lithuanians. Lithuanians also come but they can be a little demanding regarding small details and comfort.”

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