Listapad solidly secures the title of ‘cinema event of the year’

Minsk launches 22nd International Listapad Film Festival, dedicated to 120th anniversary of world cinematography

Minsk launches 22nd International Listapad Film Festival, dedicated to 120th anniversary of world cinematography

During the opening ceremony of 22nd Minsk International Listapad Film Festival

The festival’s opening ceremony was hosted by Minsk’s Moskva cinema house, with the festival’s directorate welcoming guests in the lobby. These included Director of the Minsk International Listapad Film Festival and Director of the Art Corporation Centre of Visual and Performing Arts, Anzhelika Krashevskaya, Feature Film Programme Director and Programme Director of the Children and Youth Film Competition, Listapadzik, Igor Sukmanov, and Documentary Film Programme Director, Irina Demyanova.

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Natalia Kochanova, read the greeting from the Head of State and awarded a special prize of the President of Belarus ‘For Preserving and Development of Traditions of Spirituality in Cinema Art’ to People’s Artiste of Russia, Vadim Abdrashitov.

Mr. Abdrashitov admitted that he is impressed and touched by this award. He noted that he was very pleased to receive it on the Belarusian land because his career and life is connected with Minsk — the city which, according to him, has significantly improved over the last decade.

After presenting members of Listapad’s international jury and partners, who helped organise the holiday under the slogan ‘Eye of Pleasure’, it was high time to launch the event by the traditional plate breaking. An honorary obligation to break the festival’s plate was entrusted on the Director General of the Belarusfilm National Film Studio, Igor Porshnev. 22nd Minsk International Listapad Film Festival has been launched!

The French atmosphere was viewlessly reigning at the festival and this is felt everywhere: in the slogan, invented by François Truffaut, in the choice of director Guillaume Nicloux’s Valley of Love (which opened the festival) and even in music which was heard from the state during the opening ceremony.

Fanny Ardant, a theatre and film actress, a director, is an honorary guest of this year’s event. Shots from the films with her participation were screened and when famous actress entered the stage the whole hall stood in ovation.

This is the first time Ms. Ardant visits Minsk but she admitted that she had read about Belarus. “I knew that it’s a historical city. Its history is somehow tragic but life is in full swing here. I haven’t ever enjoyed travelling but have been always keen on cinema and due to it I could travel, meet people and get acquainted with them. I was very glad today to be with you at the festival’s opening ceremony and to spend several days in this city,” the star shared her emotions. The actress presents her second work as a director in Minsk — Obsessive Rhythms.

In total, the festival week will present 184 pictures from 60 countries. The results of the festival’s contests will be also summed up in Moskva’s cinema that is being held under the patronage of the President of Belarus.

By Mikhail Vetrov
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