Seventh open children festival of national cultures “Sonechny Ptakh” held in Minsk. Concerts, competitions and the fair were to the public liking
Traditionally, the festive event took place at Minsk State children palace. Vivid scenery, smiles and original costumes created a joyful atmosphere.
Young artists of folk dance companies “Praleska”, “Tsiagnichok” and “Milavitsa”, and Polish song choir “Tencha” performed on stage. The audience was impressed by Alexei Los’ folk group. Neither adults nor kids could sit alone as amateur performers invited them to round dance and entertaining games.

Participants to out-of-school clubs took part in “Traditional souvenirs” contest. This was a real playground for imagination! Members of folk studio “Zhar-ptushka” under “Ranak” Center for creative children presented Armenian culture at the event. Boys and girls from “Mayak” center, Leninsky district, invented Polish costumes. Lithuanian traditions were represented by out-of-school center of Sovetsky district. Everyone admired stork statue dressed in Belarusian national clothes, made by young craftsmen from Minsk State children palace.

The event included master classes in weaving, platting, tapestry and painting. There were many of those wishing to get the basics of folk crafts.
“Sonechny Ptakh” festival takes place biannually and has 14-year history.
Vladimir Lameko, vice chairman of Committee on religious and national affairs under Cabinet Council of Belarus, says: “We are interested in cultures of various nations as there are about 140 of them in Belarus. It is splendid that children preserve their historical and cultural heritage. We will continue encouraging cooperation of creative children from various countries.”
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