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Like flying saucer with snakeskin

By late 2013, a unique European level football stadium will have launched in Belarus
By Dmitry Baranovsky

BATE club’s new football stadium is expected to become a centre of Borisov’s sporting life, attracting keen football fans with its comfortable conditions.

Sports sites
The new BATE stadium is situated outside Borisov but access won’t be a problem for fans, since a railway passes nearby, in addition to the Borisov-Minsk highway. The location aims to stop residents being bothered by noise.

Despite cold weather, construction works are in full swing and the framework is almost ready. Builders admit that, when warm days arrive, they’ll be able to work twice as fast. “We’ll soon finish assembly of the reinforced concrete structures; just one span of bleachers is yet to be completed,” explains Vitaly Losevich, from Construction Department #123. “As regards industrial assembly of metal constructions, we’ve done half of the job and plan to complete the work by late March. Afterwards, the roof will be ready and we’ll start decoration works — including the instalment of a glass window.”

Seven parking lots are ready and approach roads will soon be finished, once the asphalt is laid. Already, seats for fans are installed in the stadium. Walls, stairs and cross-walls are to be made from high quality concrete, without plaster, to ensure durability and long term attractiveness.

Unique idea
It’s a unique site for Belarus: the 13,000-seater stadium being designed by a Slovenian firm. It made a similar construction previously, which it has adapted to suit Belarusian norms and rules.

Oval-shaped, with a natural grass pitch, and heating and watering systems to allow play in cold weather, as well as light aluminium roofing over seating, the design will bring comfort, safety and perfect acoustics.

The stadium’s roof and facade are to resemble snakeskin. Mr. Losevich explains, “Special German technology is being used, with our specialists going to Germany to study facade and roof elements and their strapping.”

The aluminium face is to be painted black (covering facade holes), while roof ‘scales’ will be ‘etched’ to create the snake effect.

“The Borisov stadium is not just a commercial project. It’ll be a centre for the region’s social-cultural life and a football capital of Belarus,” notes BATE’s Deputy General Director for Technical Issues, Nikolay Vorobiev.

Complicated ‘filling’
“Over my sporting career — especially the past three years, when I’ve acted as a UEFA delegate — I’ve seen many stadiums, including those of less outstanding clubs and sporting nations. I kindly praised them all,” notes Mr. Vorobiev. “I think our country — which has glorious football traditions and pays much attention to sports — is worthy of enjoying well developed infrastructure; this functional and unique stadium is a bright example. It will soon act as an example for other construction projects, inspiring fans and co-operation with national and local authorities and football businesses.”

The construction has four levels, with two upper ‘floors’ of VIP lounges and halls, offices for stadium heads and infrastructure for media representatives.

Security has been well thought out, offering e-access (to calculate fans in real time). A control room will be equipped with displays, for security service officers, policemen, rescuers and doctors.

“This will be the best Belarusian stadium,” confirms a BATE representative. “As it will lack a running track, just 15-20 metres will separate fans in the first rows from the pitch; they’ll ‘face’ the game. We’ve done our best to ensure comfort for players as well as fans, with separate rooms for players, coaches and referees, as well as special entry for photographers, seats for express interviews and free Wi-Fi.”
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