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Slavic Bazaar International Arts Festival 2013 kicks off in Vitebsk

Slavic Bazaar kicks off in Vitebsk

Although prior to the official opening of the XXII International Arts Festival «Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk» is still a few days in the city have already soars festive atmosphere.

Today, the Summer Amphitheatre, which celebrating this season its 25th anniversary, will receive its first artists. In the evening there will be a recital of Elena Vaenga, which will be performing with program «Lena». In the concert hall «Vitebsk» Metodie Bujor will present «Memories ...». In addition children`s party will be held – participants of XI International Children’s musical competition  «Vitebsk-2013» are invited to the drawing casting lots. Facing a serious test young artists, representing 18 countries, will enjoy by performances ensembles of dance, «Egoza», «Zorka», «Lyavonikha», ballroom dance ensemble «Mosaic», an ensemble of classical dance «Pirouette», youth theatre «The Wheel», a studio of pop songs «Forum», a modern studio theater choreography by Diana Yurchenko, circus « Feerie», show-ballet «Sensation», show bands «Caramels», «Difficult age», «Smileys», «Street Magic» and others. Tomorrow the first «test» in the concert hall «Vitebsk» waiting for the young contestants.

This time artists from 31 countries world will take part in the festival, including members of the International Singing Contest of the 21 states. A total of about 5,000 people will be accredited to the forum of art, 500 of them are representatives of electronic and print media from 14 countries.

By the way, Vitebsk began to take the guests more June 27. The first in the festival capital gains technicians, stage designers and other professionals who prepared the Summer Amphitheatre and other venues for the concerts. For decoration of the main stage took ten trucks of scenery and lighting equipment. The company Co.Ltd  «DecArt» put the decorations, the company «Stealth» inserted screens in the decorations, and the «Rental» mounted lighting equipment. Two dozen of welders, electricians, fitters and electricians worked for about two weeks. As a result, the real surprise awaits spectators and TV viewers – in the first LED screens will appear on the stage floor, they will become a kind of podium for artists.

So, everything is ready for the holiday. For stay of  artists and guests prepared 12 bases – there are six hotels, a dispensary, «Zheleznyaki» and 5 hostels, which will operate as hotels. In Vitebsk already assembled and a special «car park» of 50 S-Class cars, are in stock comfortable buses, vans and passenger cars in business class.

On Obol ceramic plant made souvenirs and other products for the festival participants of the two main events of the festival – children and adult song contests. Author souvenirs that will receive little artists today and a little later and adult performers on the drawing casting lots, is the artist of the Center of Culture «Vitebsk» Tatiana Kuleshova.

In conclusion, it remains to reassure those who did not get tickets to concerts. First, do not lose hope – yet everything is possible, it is necessary more often peep into the ticket office. Second, the traditional festival events will show the channels of the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus that over the years is the main broadcaster and one of the organizers of the forum.

So do not delay, hurry faster to plunge themselves into the vortex of festival events.

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