Light industry’s turn for further development

Sewing holding being set up at Milavitsa

By Marina Nosova

According to Gennady Vyrko, the Chairman of Bellegprom Concern, the holding is based on the enterprise’s commodity distribution network: around 450 stores in various countries — primarily Russia. “The establishment of the holding ensures transparency of sales and an exact inventory, using bar-codes,” he explains.

According to Mr. Vyrko, the holding will sell produce under the Milavitsa brand, as well as knitwear, outdoor clothes and men’s underwear. “The collections will be united under a single style,” he notes, explaining that plans for the holding should be ready by April 1st. He adds that holdings are planned for the textile, knitwear and footwear branches, with the footwear holding proposal to be ready by March 1st. The aim is to raise footwear production volumes 2.5-fold (set by the light industry development programme). He notes that ‘the task has been set to raise the share of domestically manufactured footwear to a reasonable limit.’

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