Light image in fashion nowadays

Which hairdo to choose this season

By Natalia Berestovitskaya

Hair fashion has its own rules, followed avidly by those keen on making a good impression and expressing themselves via their appearance. Thoughts are already turning to Christmas and New Year, with people wondering how best to wear their hair. The Belarusian national hairdressing team has recently returned from the World Championship in Paris, which brought together 58 states. Belarus was represented by 10 professionals in the team event, with Inna Chaikovskaya winning a silver medal for her ‘Nail Fantasy Design’. Yekaterina Yasintseva came fourth in the men’s ‘Full Fashion Look’.

Having returned from France, our team shares their views on the latest trends and innovations of this season’s hairdressing art. “Speaking of fashionable hair trends, waves, curls and ‘big hair’ are in,” notes Natalia Khodanova, an international category jury and the team coach. “Curls are always feminine, perfect for those wishing to create a sexy image. Elegant curls undoubtedly conquer the hearts of men, while ‘big hair’ is great on long-haired beauties.”

“Today’s hairdos are quite natural, moving away from the pomposity of baroque style: a hot trend a few years ago. Light images are in fashion now,” notes Anastasia Yatkova, an international class master and an absolute champion of Belarus and Russia (ranked among the top ten European and world masters). “Wedding hairstyles should be ethereal, perhaps using subtle decorations. Everything should be transparent, delicate and lacy.”

Natural hair colours are also popular at the moment. Natalia Khodanova tells us that blonde girls are still in fashion, but that tones of auburn — from light golden to chestnut brown — are gradually increasing in popularity. Hair cuts are well defined and regular, with variants of the blunt bob on trend.

“Men’s styles are strict, stressing masculinity,” continues Ms. Yatkova. “However, if you are a true rebel, looking for something different and ready to experiment, you can embrace creativity. This is always successful. Express your individuality and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be natural while creating your own image.”

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