Liaisons become closer

Belarus plans to suggest Russia to establish large and powerful joint company to manufacture fertilisers

“We’ll discuss joint Belarus-Russia work with fertilisers in general. We have a potash company which sells nitrogen fertilisers, so we have experience. We’ll suggest to the Russians that we create a powerful corporation, which will be able to naturally influence world market prices. We don’t conceal this. It would also provide better quality products to our foreign partners,” noted President Alexander Lukashenko, agreeing the appointment of Valery Ivanov as Director General of the Belarusian Potash Company JSC.

“Setting up the company with the Russians [BPC], we’ve agreed that all sales of Belarusian and Russian fertilisers will be handled by the Belarusian Potash Company. It should remain thus. It’s up to you to decide on cheaper loans for more effective operation… but it should be done. You should follow the principles we’ve agreed upon,” added the Belarusian President.

Addressing Mr. Ivanov, President Lukashenko noted, “You already know the manufacturing system. Now, you must thoroughly learn the sales system, in order to shape our work most profitably — for Belarus and for our Russian partners. Everything should be done fairly and equally. We don’t need to profit at Russia’s expense but nobody should profit at our expense either. We should work together, finding the best path for everyone — and so for the Belarusian Potash Company.”
The Belarusian Potash Company is the exclusive export supplier of potash fertilisers manufactured by Belaruskali JSC (Soligorsk, Belarus) and Uralkali (Perm Krai, Russia); it is the world’s leading exporter of this produce.

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