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Levchenko returns to NBA

The best centre player of the 2010 World Championship, held in the Czech Republic, Yelena Levchenko, has signed a contract with NBA women’s team Atlanta Dream, to begin this summer

She currently plays for UGMK and the Belarusian national team but will travel to the USA as soon as the Russian Premier League ends. “It’s always a delight to return to a team where you know the coaches and some players,” she admits. “I played with the squad in 2010, when we won the Eastern Conference and reached the finals. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take the WNBA championship title.”

This summer, our national basketball team is to take part in the qualification matches for the 2013 European Championship; Levchenko is viewed as our prime hope and asserts that she’ll do her best to justify such expectations. “Our national team has always been a top priority for me so I’ll play to my best ability, while combining my performance in the WNBA,” she assures us.

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