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Less checks — better results

Customs officers around the country have improved their work significantly
By Sergey Smirnov

In the past year, there have been changes in the organisation at the Belarusian border, aimed at the reduction of terms and quality of customs inspections. Thus, from May 1st, transport inspections, veterinary, phytosanitary, sanitary and quarantine services, located at checkpoints across the state border, came under the operational administration of the border committee. “The optimisation of a number of domestic customs stations, with the transfer of vacated staffing positions into border checkpoints is nearing completion,” said the Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Belarus, Sergei Borisyuk.

Today the work of customs authorities on the border is organised so that it has become more accurate, with only around 1 vehicle from 100 being inspected today. At the same time, the effectiveness of the customs authorities has increased, with about twenty thousand violations being prevented in 2013, a quarter more than in 2012.

Within the framework of customs control, is the use of patrol dogs. About 53 attempts to smuggle drugs were successfully discovered, and more than 260kg of drugs and psychotropic substances were seized.
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