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Belarus is an undisputed leader within the CIS for preschool education

Leading the way in learning

Have you noticed that every fourth resident in our country is being educated in some fashion? Besides those in secondary higher education and postgraduate studies, there are students attending over 8,000 educational establishments, at various levels: 2.5 million in all.

Belarus is an undisputed leader within the CIS for preschool education: last year, the number exceeded 409,000. Our country has a higher indicator than Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Unfortunately, we lack the diversity of education of Soviet times, but we still support talented children, having developed our own system, which is working well. Looking at international academic Olympiads alone, between 2010 and 2015, 253 national teams of pupils from general secondary education took part, winning 199 medals: forty medals a year on average!

We have 43 establishments of higher education: thirty universities, nine academies and four institutes. Our people like to study: there are 383 students per 10,000 of the population: the highest indicator within the CIS.

People from foreign countries love to come here to study, especially those from Turkmenistan, Russia and China. The answer is simple: we offer high quality education.

By Andrey Mikhasev
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