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Minsk hosts 21st International Budpragres-2013 Expo, attracting about 400 companies from ten countries
By Yuri Chernyakevich

The opening ceremony of Budpragres-2013 filled the football arena, gathering around 400 leading companies from ten countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Turkey. All were keen to show off their latest innovations. 

The Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus featured 22 leading industrial enterprises and scientific and research institutes from across the domestic building industry. Among them were traditional participants, such as well-known Granit, Molodechno Metal-Structures Plant, Keramin, Krasnoselskstroymaterialy and Belarusian Cement Plant. Their production meets the highest European level.

Keramin’s latest ceramic products were displayed as if adorning an Italian piazza, where an artist drew caricatures to entertain visitors. The pottery stand invited people to paint a clay bell independently while an improvised boutique, tailor shop and cafй enticed people to linger.

A representative of Keramin, told me, “Each room is entirely decorated with OJSC Keramin products. This alternative approach is rather interesting for our clients. We even have a photographer taking keepsake shots for visitors free of charge. Perhaps you’d like to have your photo taken against our stand?”

I posed willingly and then continued exploring; there was so much to see! Mempex presented trenchless technologies for replacing and laying pipelines; the mobile unit is already 18 years old. Director Victor Moiseev noted, “Replacing and laying distribution pipelines in a big city is a huge inconvenience for residents. Our technology allows this to be done more quickly, without digging trenches; these hinder the traffic and pedestrians, while spoiling the city’s landscape. Today, we’ve brought the latest models — for replacing pipes of up to 60cm diameter.”

We could talk endlessly about the products on show at the exhibition but just as important was the business programme. This included a seminar on handling equipment, sectional and panoramic gates and another devoted to innovative materials and building technologies. The conference on Belarusian Doors assessed the current local market and changes in the building industry over the last year, looking at the structure and volume of the market, and the export potential of Belarusian manufacturers. Meanwhile, forecasts were made for short-term market development.

The many products on show and the highly topical programme certainly confirmed the significance of Budpragres-2013. The forum has been representing the building industry for more than 20 years and many Belarusian and international experts consider this exposition to be one of the most superior within the CIS.

As professionals recognise, the exhibition’s role has been gaining in importance annually. Budpragres-2013 was not just a platform for demonstrating the latest achievements of the building industry but encouraged experience exchange between international partners and allowed us to show off our latest technologies, materials and designs. Clearly, the forum promotes the development of the building industry, but also attracts investments into this sector while strengthening business ties with foreign companies.

Dmitry Semenkevich, the Deputy Minister for Architecture and Construction in Belarus confirmed these points during his speech at the opening of Budpragres-2013. He noted that, every year, the exposition gains in popularity among organisations aspiring to promote their goods abroad. Foreign partners are showing increasing interest. He asserted, “The forum features the latest samples of building materials and technologies. Consumers can familiarise with complex professional solutions and special equipment, and see new ideas on how to decorate homes of all sizes. The spectrum of products is huge.” He added that the Ministry is focusing on the Belarusian manufacture of building materials, mechanisms and equipment, with import substitution in mind, as well as export sales. “Contracting organisations willingly buy Belarusian products of high quality,” he noted.

There’s no doubt that the Deputy Minister’s words about the great interest of buyers towards Belarusian products are true. A wealth of new co-operative agreements and delivery contracts were signed during Budpragres-2013, fully justifying all hopes.
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