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Latest high-tech closer to linguists

High-Tech Park, EPAM Systems Company and Minsk State Linguistic University open joint IT training lab at Faculty of Intercultural Communication
By Dmitry Ponomarev

The MSLU-EPAM laboratory is offering additional IT training for students, in their free time. It may seem surprising for our future linguists and humanities experts to bother with IT but, of course, our modern world makes knowledge of computers a must for every professional. Foreign languages also have their own niche within the IT field, especially for technical writers and business analysts. The former mediate between software developers and users, who need detailed instructions on how to use computerised systems and programmes. It’s not easy to write clear instructions in another language unless you have in-depth knowledge.  Meanwhile, business analysts mediate between customers and software developers, researching the needs of customers and assessing feasibility, while offering additional services; they then formulate tasks, drafting proposals for the development team.

In short, students trained as translators can use their skills to translate the language of programmers into more ‘user-friendly’ language, including in English. “The opening of a joint training IT-lab at MSLU is further confirmation of the HTP’s focus on co-operating with the widest range of educational institutions, helping graduates fulfil their potential in the IT sector,” notes HTP Administration Director Valery Tsepkalo. He adds, “Increasing the number of IT professionals is a key factor in supporting HTP residents in maximising their revenue and exports year on year. We’re helping them participate in more technically complex and expensive projects, working on their own software. Today, information technologies are being used in all areas of life: business and social. Software development requires not only knowledge of programming but knowledge of the sphere in which the product is to be used. If you combine IT skills with specialised industrial expertise, you’re a valuable commodity.”

As noted at the solemn ceremony at MSLU, together with Belarusian universities, the High-Tech Park has established about fifty laboratories, with HTP company residents having invested over $5m.
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