Laces of Gomel Figure-casters

The Gomel-based “Tsentrolit” plant is the only one of the 13 specialized metalworkers of the former Soviet Union that managed to preserve its core production and take up ornamental castings. Art casting accounts for 20% of the overall output, and the share is likely to increase
The laced stairways, ledges, benches, fences and sculptures beautify many cities of the country. Besides Gomel, which has been turned into a charming European city owing to the products of “Tsentrolit”, laced casting has been widely used for redevelopment of the towns that hosted “Dozhinki” harvesting festivals — Shklov, Mozyr, Novopolotsk, Pruzhany and Sloutsk. Bobruisk, the next city to host the feast, has just finished talks over art castings supplies.

The city of Vitebsk now prides itself on cast embankments made by “Tsentrolit” that turned the largest bridge of the city into a real architectural masterpiece.

Belarusian casters have been getting more orders from foreign countries, especially, Russia’s St. Petersburg and Moscow. The stylized “ancient” castings decorate many streets of the Russian capital city. The Architecture and City Development Committee of Moscow appreciated the work of the Gomel plant and recommended it as one of the key suppliers of city development elements. Besides, “Tsentrolit” was included in the electronic catalogue of producers of small architectural forms.

In St. Petersburg, the world famous Neva Avenue that Pushkin praised so much, is now lit by 168 lamp poles made by the Belarusian plant exclusively for the city that has just held a G8 summit. Another 800 13.5-meter poles will be delivered to St. Petersburg by the end of the year.

“Tsentrolit” has just been awarded another interesting contract from the city on the Neva. The Gomel plant will make sets of small architectural forms of the 19th century style. “Tsentrolit” gets its orders as a result of tenders, where it easily outstrips founders from Russia and non-CIS foreign countries.
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