Kusturica shares his plans for 2017

Famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica to shoot film about World War Two in Belarus

In October 2014, Belarusfilm Studio and French CINEMA SOLEIL signed a memorandum to jointly produce a full-length feature film, under the working title If Not Now, When?

At that time, Mr. Kusturica refused to discuss the details, stating that no decisions were final, but the owner of two Cannes International Film Festival Golden Palms is now ready to break the silence. The director recently arrived in Minsk to inspect National Film Studio facilities, and offered praise, saying that everything necessary for reconstructing WW2 events was present, including clothes and props (such as cannot be found in Serbia). Locations have been chosen, with most of the film due to be shot in Belarus, where the landscapes are most suitable. He adds, “We’ll also spend several days in Italy.”

Mr. Kusturica aims to begin shooting no earlier than 2017, being currently involved in editing his On the Milky Road, which he hopes to see win a Golden Palm.

By Yulia Leonova
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