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Korelichi takes the lead

New line to process long and short flax fibre launched at Korelichi-Len JSC
By Katerina Charovskaya

New line to process long and short flax fibre launched at Korelichi-Len JSC.

With modern equipment meeting global standards, the plant would not simply triple its efficiency, but significantly improve quality of its produce too. PM Mikhail Myasnikovich took part in the opening of the new workshop.

Production using modern equipment will bring benefit

At present, the Belarusian linen branch is undergoing active modernisation and, last year, four linen mills were equipped with the latest imported equipment. During 2014, another six enterprises are to also be revamped. A tough task has been set: to complete these upgrades by the 2014 harvest. Already, linen mills in the Korelichi District have reported on their progress: a Belgian line (replacing obsolete Soviet tools) was launched here four months ahead of schedule.

During his working trip, Mr. Myasnikovich warned regional heads and linen mill directors about their foot-dragging regarding their modernisation. “Last year, the President toughly criticised local authorities for the slow pace of modernisation and economic innovations in the linen industry. Many promises were voiced but no progress was observed. We are now launching a new workshop in Korelichi and, in the coming weeks, will start a similar facility in Korma. Mills in Postavy, Orekhovsk and Lyakhovichi are next in line. Slutsk’s factory is in the worse condition now, but we’ll continue our work there as well,” the PM said.

Mr. Myasnikovich noted that modernisation should not be confined to just branch reformation. The initial production stage is also underdeveloped, and flax growing and its further on-field processing means less than perfect supplies to line mills. The branch also needs no problems; everything must be taken care of — including the growing of flax and the making of linen clothes.

Special demands are placed on the mill heads. They need to seriously work on the optimisation of their products’ prime cost. For example, Br16m is spent to produce a tonne of flax fibre in Pruzhany and Br21m is the cost in Mstislavl. This difference of 30 percent is too much. Moreover, such price differentials create problems in reaching recoupment, as global fibre prices fluctuate from Br18-19m.

The PM also stressed that the all the country’s agro-industrial complex needs major modernisation, and the state has already developed its strategy of work with loss-making farms. “The latter need to understand that no debt relief would be accepted; rather, it would be restructured with a further debt repayment. The Heads of such farms should work seriously over the enhancement of their produce competitiveness, as well as wise expenditure of resources. A technological process must also be well met. Last year, we lost Br13m due to mismanagement. This figure matches the state support of the branch. Officials must meet the set tasks and bear the responsibility.”
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