Knowledge helps countries develop

Belarus included among those countries with high levels of adult literacy, as noted by Belarus’ representative Zoya Kolontai, at UN’s New York headquarters, during session of Commission on the Status of Women

The session was devoted to female access to education and their participation in scientific development. Ms. Kolontai stressed that, in Belarus, 100 percent of children are enrolled in primary and basic secondary education. According to the UNDP Human Development Report, Belarus was among those states with a high adult literacy rate in 2010: 99.7 percent. Women and men have equal access to jobs and training, education and the achievement of diplomas at all schools.

To inspire women to begin entrepreneurial ventures, local resource centres designed to train women in the basics of entrepreneurship have been established. State support is also offered to those wishing to start up their own business and, last year, women accounted for almost half of those receiving loans and grants for such entrepreneurial activity.

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