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Knights’ battles on Zamkovaya Hill

Participants from nine countries brought together by Braslavskie Zarnitsy-2013 International Festival of Traditional Culture
By Andrey Kurbatsky

In total, the Festival brought together around a thousand people: choir members, performers, folk masters, members of historical reconstruction clubs and numerous guests. They gathered in Braslav from across Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Armenia and Venezuela for the kaleidoscope of events.

Braslavskie Zarnitsy-2013 opened at the district House of Culture with artistic activities and a disco, after a ceremony in the square near the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church. In addition, there was a regional singing contest for choirs: Braslav Choir Assemblies. The National Academic People’s Choir of Belarus (named after G. Tsitovich) also gave a concert.

Meanwhile, the We’re United by Braslav Land exhibition opened at the Museum of Traditional Culture; in the evening, The Sword of Brachyslav delighted visitors, as knights battled on Zamkovaya Hill, reviving the chivalry of past centuries. The holiday finished with a colourful firework display.

The event ended with a theatrical parade from the town square to Lesnichevka woodland park, and a splendid gala-concert, alongside a contest of crafts and an open air party.
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