Knights and Minstrels

A time machine has been invented in Mogilev
Most of Mogilev’s knight clubs that unite enthusiasts of that epoch are still located in basements, but owing to an unusual project that will soon be carried out in the vicinity of Mogilev, the situation will change. A real castle will soon appear in the town of Buinichi, near the tourist facility “Belarusian Village” (with an inn, hotel, tavern and the “Town of Craftsmen”).

— This will be a copy of a medieval castle, says Mikhail Borokhov, the general director of the company “Granat”, the general contractor of the project.

The one-hectare area of the castle will have several towers and a seven-meter-high wall.

The enclosed yard will be used for tilting matches. The towers will hold hotels with rooms furnished in the medieval style. A real time machine, isn’t it?
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