Kings, princes and cardinals

Portraits from Nesvizh collection of the Radzivill family displayed at exhibition in Senator hall of Grodno history and archaeology museum
23 paintings of 17th–18th centuries presented by National Arts museum of the Republic of Belarus are displayed in Grodno for the first time; among pictures visitors will see portraits of the Radzivill and Sapega families, as well as kings and Catholic cardinals.

The portraits come from collection of the Radzivill family — a well-known magnate house of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. They used to emblazon the Radzivill residence in Nesvizh. The collection emerged due to Crysztof Radzivill Sirotka (1549–1616), a man of high culture and a renowned patron of arts.

The exhibition will last till the end of the year.
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