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Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

August of decades and centuries past comes to life
August of decades and centuries past comes to life

August 8th. In 1953, a Belarusian art expert and painter — Vladimir Prokoptsov — was born. He is a Candidate of Art and, since 1998, heads Belarus’ National Art Museum.

August 8th. In 1963, a Belarusian sportsman (track-and-field and triple jump) and coach — Igor Lapshin — was born. He won silver at the 24th Olympics in Seoul (1988).

August 10th. In 1905, a Russian and Belarusian ballerina and an Honoured Artiste of Belarus — Nina Mlodzinskaya — was born.

August 12th. In 1919, USSR Hero Boris Galushkin was born. During the Great Patriotic War, he led a partisan movement on the territory of the Vitebsk and Minks regions.

August 12th. In 1939, a Belarusian sportsman and coach (horse racing) —Victor Ugryumov — was born. He was a champion of the 22nd Olympics (19080, Moscow) and a prize holder at the World Championship (1978) and European Championship (1975, 1979) in the team event.

August 13th. In 1913, a People’s Artiste of Belarus — Anatoly Bogatyrev — was born. He was a founder of the Belarusian national opera.

August 14th. In 1903, a People’s Artiste of the BSSR — Stepan Birillo — was born. He worked at theatres of Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Vitebsk and Gomel. Stepan performed on stages of the BDT-3 and the Yanka Kupala Theatre (since 1923).

August 11th. In 1974, a monument to Frantsisk Skorina was unveiled in Polotsk — sculptured by A. Glebov, I. Glebov and A. Zaspitsky and architected by V. Marokin.

August 8th. In 1919, Polish troops occupied Minsk as part of the Soviet-Polish War. The city was under Poland’s control until July 11th, 1920 when the Red Army — led by Tukhachevsky — revived the Soviet authority.

August 8th. In 1959, the Minsk District’s villages of Budilovo, Bolshoe Stiklevo, Bolshaya Slepnya, Vilkovshchina, Drazhnya, Yefimovo, Zatishie, Loshitsa Second, Malaya Slepyanka, Malyavshchina, Medvezhino, Sokolyanka, Stolovaya, Olshevo, Shchetovka, Yurevichi, Kolonia, Trud and Shepichi were included into the city territory.

August 9th. In 1917, the first issue of Zvyazda (Star) newspaper was released.

August 9th. In 1958, the Medical Institute was established in Grodno.

August 10th. In 1930, the 1st All-Belarusian Agricultural and Industrial Fair opened in Minsk.

August 10th. In 1959, a new city of Soligorsk was founded due to industrial development of potassium salt mines and construction of a potash factory. It was initially known as the settlement of Novostarobinsk which was based on the village of Vishnevka (Starobin District).

August 10th. In 1995, the Braslav Lakes National Park was founded.

August 11th. In 1940, Minsk’s passenger railway station (of the Western Railways) opened after reconstruction.

August 12th. In 1928, construction of an agricultural machine building plant started in Gomel. Since 1978, it’s known as the head company of the Belarusian Production Association of Fodder Harvesters: Gomselmash.

August 12th. In 1932, the Gorky State Russian Drama Theatre of the BSSR was established in Bobruisk on the basis of V. Kumelsky’s Russian drama troupe — known now as the Maxim Gorky National Academic Drama Theatre.

August 12th. In 2000, Kursk submarine crashed in the Barents Sea, bringing death to 118 crew members — including Belarusian Sergey Dudko (2nd rank captain) and Alexander Sadkov (3rd rank captain).

August 13th. In 1956, People’s Poet of Belarus Yakub Kolas died. His creativity was a five decade artistic chronicle of the Belarusian nation. It still continues influencing the development of Belarusian literature and art.

August 14th. In 1385, the Krevo Treaty — a state union between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland — was signed at the Krevo Castle (Smorgon District).
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