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September of decades and centuries past comes to life

Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

September of decades and centuries past comes to life

kaleidos.pngSeptember 12th. In 1959, a Belarusian sportsman and coach (water jumping and freestyle) — Vladimir Aleinik — was born in Smolevichi. He won bronze and silver at the 21st and 22nd Olympics.

September 13th. In 1923, a USSR Hero — Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya — was born. Vitebsk’s secondary school #14 and many Belarusian streets are named after her.

September 15th. In 1929, Belarusian graphical artist and the People’s Artist of Belarus — Arlen Kashkurevich — was born, known as the master in the field of book and easel graphical painting.

September 16th. In 1937, Boris Lutsenko was born — a Belarusian film director and teacher. He was an Honoured Figure of Arts of Belarus and People’s Artiste of Belarus.

September 16th. In 1937, a Belarusian wrestler and three time Olympic champion — Alexander Medved — was born.

September 17th. In 1949, Yuri Kharin was born — a Belarusian scientist in the field of applied mathematics and informatics, a corresponding member of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, a Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences and a Professor.

September 18th. In 1924, Nikolay Marushkevich was born in the village of Solonoe (Zhlobin District). He was a Belarusian journalist and Honoured Figure of Culture of Belarus, heading BelTA from 1971-1983.

September 12th. In 1922, the Department of BSSR Archive Management was established.

September, 12th. In 1978, the new airport at Vitebsk launched its work.

September 12th. In 2008, the Belarus Cinema opened after reconstruction.

September 12th. In 2008, Dinamo Minsk handball club was presented.

September 13th. In 1974, the first full-colour programme was out by the Belarusian Republican TV Studio.

September 13th. In 2002, a site was consecrated and the first stone was laid to construction of the Minsk Tow Hall, in Svobody Square.

September 14th. In 1920, the Belarusian State Drama Theatre began its work in Minsk — known as Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre since 1993.

September 14th. In 2002, a memorable clock was placed in Sendaisky Park.

September 15th. In 1922, the BSSR State Library opened on the basis of the BSU library.

September 15th. In 1951, Minsk’s Radio Plant manufactured its first produce: ‘Minsk-P-7’ radio.

September 16th. In 1873, a Minsk-Bobruisk section of the Libavo-Romenskaya railway (connecting the Baltic States and Ukraine) was put into operation.

September 17th. In 1925, first alumni (110 specialists) graduated from the Belarusian State University’s Pedagogical Department.

September 17th. In 1939, the Belarusian frontline was established on the basis of the Belarusian Military District (acting until November, 1939).

September 17th. In 1939, Soviet troops passed the Soviet-Polish border and, by September 25th, released the territory of Western Belarus and Western Ukraine.

September 17th. In 1952, the first trolley bus line was launched in Minsk.

September 17th. In 1980, a full-screen cinema — Moskva (Moscow) — opened in Park Avenue (now known as Pobediteley Avenue). It was built under the project of architects Kramarenko, Shcherbina and Vinogradov.

September 17th. In 2004, a restored cross of Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya was presented at the BelExpo National Exhibition Centre. The original cross was lost during the Hitler occupation.

September 18th. In 1881, the Yeast Distillery (named after Gotovsky) was founded. Its steam boiler also serviced the mill operating at the plant.

September 18th. In 1890, a decision was made to open a city pawnshop and an auction hall.

September 18th. In 1998, the Belarusian Scientific-Research Centre of E-Documentation was founded.
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