Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

September of decades and centuries past comes to life

September of decades and centuries past comes to life

September 5th. In 1879, Ivan Pulikhov was born in Minsk. He took part in the 1905-1907 revolution, being a socialist-revolutionary. A street is named after him in the capital.

September, 6th. In 1753, philosopher and enlightener Salomon Maimon was born in Mir, of the Novogrudok District. Since 1777, he lived in Germany where he studied philosophy, medicine, physics and mathematics.

September, 8th. In 1924, Vasily Chigir was born — a Belarusian jurist who took part in developing the Belarusian Constitution and Civil Code.

September 9th. In 1924, a BSSR state figure — Anatoly Gurinovich — was born in the village of Slatvin, of the Cherven District. He was a BSSR Foreign Minister.

September 10th. In 1929, a Belarusian composer, a teacher and a People’s Artiste of Belarus and the USSR — Yevgeny Glebov — was born.

September, 11th. In 1877, Felix Dzerzhinsky was born to the family of an impoverished gentleman, on Dzerzhinovo estate, near Minsk. He was one of the founders of the agencies for Soviet security and intelligence.

September 11th. In 1943, Leonid Lobanok — a scientist in the field of radio-biology — was born in the village of Slobodka, of the Lyuban District. He’s a corresponding member of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, a Doctor of Medical Sciences and a Professor.

September 5th. In 1928, Belgoskino cinema organisation set up the Soviet Belarus Film Studio in Leningrad — known as Belarusfilm since 1946.

September 5th. In 1951, the Belarusian Peace Protection Committee was established at the first All-Belarusian Conference of Peace Supporters, in Minsk.

September, 9th. In 2005, in honour of City Day, the Postman bronze sculpture was unveiled near October Cinema, designed by Yuri Gradov and created by Vladimir Zhbanov and Yevgeny Kolchev.

September 5th. In 2001, Minsk’s Mogilevskaya metro station (20th in a row) was solemnly opened.

September, 6th. In 2002, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union’s charter was approved at a joint session of the Belarusian Youth Union and the Belarusian Patriotic Union.

September, 7th. In 1931, KIM Stocking-Knitted Factory — one of the largest light industry enterprises countrywide — began its work in Vitebsk.

September 7th. In 1972, the Powder Metallurgy Scientific-Research Institute was established at the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute.

September, 7th. In 1990, the Museum of Belarusian Book Printing (part of Polotsk’s Historical and Cultural Reserve) opened in Polotsk, named in honour of the first printer, Frantsisk Skorina.

September, 7th. In 1998, a memorandum of co-operation was signed in Minsk, between the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations Organisation: on issues concerning culture (UNESCO).

September, 8th. In 1973, Vileika reservoir was completed.

September, 8th. In 1978, Belarus’ first stereoscopic film room opened in the Mir cinema house.

September, 8th. In 1992, a United Nations office opened in Belarus: the first of eight UN offices opened across the CIS.

September, 8th. In 1993, Minsk Pedagogical Institute was reorganised as the Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

September 9th. In 1944, an agreement was signed between the BSSR Government and the Polish National Liberation Committee on population exchange. As a result, thousands of families moved from Poland to Belarus (and from Belarus to Poland) from 1944-1947.

September 10th. In 1959, the Plant of Iron Concrete and House Building began batch production of reinforced cabin-rooms for many-storey houses.

September 10th. In 1975, the World Wrestling Championship was for the first time hosted by Minsk — attracting classical, sambo and freestyle wrestlers).

September 11th. In 1938, the Adam Mickiewicz House-Museum opened in Novogrudok under the initiative of the Mickiewicz Committee. It was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, with the exhibits lost. The museum renewed its work in November 1955 (a hundred years after the poet’s death).

September 11th. In 1967, Minsk’s Youth School on Automobile Sports was founded.

September 11th. In 1957, the Felix Dzerzhinsky Museum opened in Ivenets.

September 11th. In 1993, the Belarusian Nation Congress took place in Minsk.
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