Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

August and September of decades and centuries past come to life

August and September of decades and centuries past come to life

metro1.pngAugust 29th. In 1909, Belarusian artist Valentin Tikhonovich was born. He was among the founders of the Belarusian animalistic graphics.

August 30th. In 1928, a Belarusian scientist in the field of nuclear reactors, a Candidate of Technical Sciences and an academician at the Belarusian Engineering Academy — Prof. Oleg Yaroshevich — was born in Minsk.

September 1st. In 1914, a farther of the Belarusian piano forte school — Grigory Shershevsky — was born. Since 1939, he lectured at the Belarusian Conservatoire (now known as the Music Academy).

September 3rd. In 1948, a Belarusian pop singer, an Honoured Figure of Culture and an Honoured Artiste of Belarus — Vladimir Provalinsky — was born.

September 4th. In 1938, Belarusian scientist-lawyer Garold Gramovich was born in Minsk.

August 29th. In 1939, a USSR Hero, pilot Sergey Gritsevets — became the first to receive the twice USSR Hero title. In 1954, a memorial was erected in Minsk in his honour.

August 29th. In 1996, the Belarusian State University received a status of the leading university in the national education system.

August 30th. In 1934, first alumni graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute; 120 engineers received their diplomas.

August 31st. In 1883, a tobacco factory opened in Minsk — run by merchant R.M. Tsukerman-Davidson. It produced common tobacco, bakun (a tobacco variety of the low quality) and snuffing tobacco.

August 31st. In 1957, the Smena cinema house opened in Minsk’s Dolgobrodskaya Street, seating 200.

August 31st. In 1999, the Republican Hydro-Meteorological Centre was established.

August 30th. In 2001, the Mogilevskaya metro station was launched.

August 31st. In 2005, the Belarusian State University’s Law Department solemnly opened in Leningradskaya Street.

August 31st. in 2006, a memorial plaque was unveiled on house #11 (Kupala Street) to honour the People’s Poet of Belarus, Ivan Shamyakin.

September 1st. In 1913, the Higher Elementary College for Railway Workers’ Children opened.

September 1st. In 1938, Minsk’s Theatrical College began its work.

September 1st. In 1939, WWII broke out (1939-1945).

September 1st. In 1954, the Belarusian Institute of Agricultural Mechanisation opened.

September 1st. In 1966, the first issue of Pravda (Truth) newspaper was wired by photo-telegraph; since then, its publishing in Minsk was launched.

September 1st. In 1969, the Pesnyary vocal-instrumental band was founded at the Belarusian State Philharmonics. Since 1985, it’s known as the Pesnyary State Belarusian Pop Ensemble.

September 1st. In 1996, Ilya Mitko and Vladimir Fedoruk established a popular Belarusian band: Leprikonsy.

September 1st. In 2003, clocks were installed at the Minsk Town Hall’s tower.

September 2nd. In 1980, Riga supermarket opened.

September 4th. In 1563, the Bible was printed at Brest’s printing house — containing all texts of the Old and New Testaments. It is viewed as one of the richest and best editions of those times — known as the Brest (or Radziwill) Bible.

September 4th. In 1870, Minsk’s railway station was solemnly laid.

September 4th. In 1920, a marmalade factory began its work.

September 4th. In 1952, the first trolley bus began servicing a Railway Station-Round Square route. In a year, the trolley route was prolonged to reach the Chelyuskintsev Park; in 1955, it included the Observatory. The first trolley bus functioned well for two decades.

September 4th. In 2004, the Minskaya Volna (Minsk Wave) FM station began its work.
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