Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

September and October of decades and centuries past come to life

September and October of decades and centuries past come to life

kaleidoscope.pngSeptember 26th. In 1924, Ivan Zheleznyakov was born — an organiser and head of Gomel’s Komsomol underground during the Great Patriotic War.

September 27th. In 1897, Irma Yaunzem was born — a Belarusian singer, a collector of folk songs and an Honoured Artiste of Belarus.

September 29th. In 1904, film director and People’s Artiste of Belarus Lev Golub was born. He worked at Belarusfilm Studio.

September 30th. In 1914, Honoured Figure of Culture of Belarus, chemist Danila Mitskevich was born: son of Yakub Kolas. After his father’s death, he collected his legacy, establishing the Yakub Kolas State Literary-Memorial Museum.

October 1st. In 1919, Great Patriotic War veteran and USSR Hero Konstantin Abazovsky was born in the village of Obukhovo, in the Vitebsk Region.

October 2nd. In 1949, Vladimir Khripach was born in Minsk — a bio-organic chemist, a corresponding member of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, a laureate of the Belarus’ State Award and the author of over 400 scientific works and patents.

September 26th. In 1964, Naroch resort town was founded in the Minsk Region’s Myadel District.

September 30th. In 1966, the Mound of Glory solemnly began construction at the 21st kilometre of the Minsk-Moscow highway.

September 26th. In 1990, the Belarusian Society of Archivists was launched.

September 27th. In 1997, the Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya Cross, which disappeared during the Great Patriotic War and was copied by Brest’s Nikolay Kuzmich, returned to its traditional place inside St. Yevfrosiniya Monastery’s Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, in Polotsk.

September 28th. In 1989, Minsk’s Orthodox Seminary renewed its activity in Zhirovichi.

September 29th. In 1920, a flying squad was set up to counteract street and traffic crime: a prototype of the modern road patrol service.

September 29th. In 1936, the first BSSR Palace for Pioneers and Schoolchildren (named after N. Gikalo) opened at the crossroads of Minsk’s Kirov and Engels streets.

September 30th. In 1912, a first-aid station for tuberculosis patients began its work, including using an ambulance.

September 30th. In 1943, the Belarusian State Great Patriotic War Museum began its work. It has several branches: the Komsomol Glory Museum, the Khatyn Memorial Complex, the Mound of Glory and the Museum of Military Brotherhood of Belarusian, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian Partisans (in Rossony).

September 30th. In 2002, Belarus born Zhores Alferov — the Director of St. Loffe Physical-Technical Institute and a Nobel Prize laureate — was awarded the ‘Honorary Citizen of Minsk’ medal.

October 1st. In 1918, Vitebsk’s Pedagogic Institute was established on the basis of the Teachers’ Institute. Since 1995, it has been known as Vitebsk’s P. Masherov State University.

October 1st. In 1929, the Plywood and Wood-Processing Factory began its work in Bobruisk — now known as FanDok JSC.

October 1st. In 1929, the Belarusian State College of Physical Culture launched, later opening the first city boxing club.

October 1st. In 1944, the A. Pushkin Regional Library welcomed readers in liberated Minsk.

October 1st. In 1948, the Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages opened on the basis of the Minsk Pedagogic Institute’s Foreign Languages Department. Since 1993, it has been known as the Minsk State Linguistic University.

October 1st. In 1953, the Belarusian Institute of Railway Transport Engineers opened in Gomel — now known as the Belarusian State Transport University.

October 1st. In 2002, the Minsk City Executive Committee decided to celebrate holiday fountains annually, on May 9th.

October 2nd. In 1966, the Katyusha Memorial was unveiled in Orsha — designed by Y. Gradov, V. Zankovich and L. Levin.

October 2nd. In 1981, the Maxim Gorky monument was erected in the Central Children’s Park.

October 2nd. In 1990, the first issue of Narodnaya Gazeta (People’s Newspaper) was released.

October 2nd. In 1990, the Belarusian Institute of Political Sciences and Social Leadership was established.
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