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October of decades and centuries past comes to life

Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

October of decades and centuries past comes to life


Reconstructed Viking vessel arrives in Grodno

October 3rd. In 1948, Belarusian draughts player Anatoly Gantvarg was born. He was an international grand master, an Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR and an Honoured Coach of Belarus. Anatoly won world and European championships many times (as part of a team).

October 4th. In 1923, Alexander Maizler was born — a Belarusian military conductor, teacher and Honoured Artiste of Belarus. He worked for the Belarusian Military Region’s Headquarters and lectured at the Belarusian Conservatoire.

October 5th. In 1908, USSR Hero Andrey Samusev was born in the village of Vysokoe, in the Mogilev Region’s Rogachev District. He acted heroically during the Loev District’s liberation.

October 6th. In 1924, Belarus’ Honoured Artiste Tatiana Skaruta was born. From 1956-1981, the actress worked for Gomel’s Regional Drama Theatre.

October 7th. In 1932, Belarusian writer Ivan Ptashnikov was born — an Honoured Figure of Culture and a laureate of the Yakub Kolas State Award; he much wrote about war.

October 8th. In 1909, Belarusian architect Natalia Makletsova was born. She worked for Belgosproekt and Belpromproekt, also lecturing at the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute.

October 9th. In 1953, zoologist and Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Nikolay Pilyuk was born in the village of Rukhovo, in the Starye Dorogi District.

October 3rd. In 1924, the first issue of Uchitelskaya Gazeta (Teachers’ Newspaper) was published.

October 3rd. In 1997, Minsk hosted the 1st session of Belarusian teachers.

October 4th. In 1963, the 1,000 Melochei (A Thousand Small Items) shop opened in Kalinin Square.

October 4th. In 2003, a monument to poet Adam Mickiewicz was unveiled in Minsk — at the crossroads of Gorodskoi Val and Nemiga streets.

October 5th. In 1990, the Federation of Belarus’ Trade Unions was established.

October 6th. In 1954, the Architectural-Construction College was built on Minsk’s Galantereinaya (now Z. Byadulya) Street. It now houses Minsk’s State Architectural-Construction College.

October 5th. In 2000, the Belarusian-American Centre to Prevent Cardio-Vascular and Other Non-Infectious Diseases opened at polyclinic #36.

October 6th. In 1929, Borisov’s Rosin Factory produced its first manufactures.

October 7th. In 1523, The Song of the Auroch — by Belarusian humanist-poet and Renaissance enlightener Mikola Gusovsky — was printed in Latin, by Krakow’s Wietor Publishing House.

October 8th. In 1927, the Minsk Housing Co-operative opened five new kindergartens — accommodating 150 children.

October 8th. In 1934, an evening studio launched at the Belarusian State Theatre, training actors from among talented workers.

October 8th. In 1941, Savetskaya Belarus (Soviet Belarus) newspaper was launched from the Soviet rear.

October 8th. In 1944, crowds of Minskers came onto the streets to restore the Belarusian capital.

October 8th. In 1957, Belarusfilm Studio completed the film Our Neighbours.

October 8th. In 1963, Belarus signed a Moscow agreement on the prohibition of nuclear weapon testing in the atmosphere, cosmic space and under water (ratified on November 26th, 1963).

October 8th. In 1998, a memorial plaque was unveiled on Minsk’s Sukhaya Street to honour those Jews who were deported from Dusseldorf and later killed in Minsk’s ghetto, during the Great Patriotic War.

October 9th. In 1925, Belarus’ 1st Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship began; sportsman Popov, from Vitebsk, became its absolute champion.

October 9th. In 1939, the first issue of Osvobozhdenny Belostok (Liberated Bialystok) newspaper was released in Bialystok: later known as Volnaya Pratsa (Free Labour).

October 22nd, 1944, Grodno’s regional Grodzenskaya Prauda (Grodno Truth) newspaper began distribution.

October 9th. In 1958, Shchetovka, Zatishie, Malaya Slepyanka, Drazhnya, Yakhimovo, Budilovo and Medvezhino joined Minsk’s territory.

October 9th. In 1967, the Belbyttechproekt State Design-and-Production Technical Enterprise was established.

October 9th. In 1978, the Minsk Eparchy became headed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Filaret.
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