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August of decades and centuries past comes to life

August of decades and centuries past comes to life

Untitled-2.jpgAugust 15th. In 1909, a Belarusian director and an Honoured Figure of  Culture of Belarus — Alexander Lisovsky — was born.

August 15th. In 1922, a Soviet Union Hero, a participant of the Kursk Battle and the campaign aimed to liberate Ukraine, Belarus and Poland — Vitaly Kolesnikov — was born.

August 16th. In 1913, Israel’s political figure — Menachem Begin — was born in Brest-Litovsk. From 1977-1983, he was Israel’s Prime Minister.

August 17th. In 1907, Zdislav Stomma — a People’s Artiste of Belarus and the USSR — was born.

August 18th. In 1909, a Soviet Union Hero — Ivan Volosevich — was born in the village of Tikhny of the present Bereza District. During the 1939-1940 Soviet-Finnish War, he made 69 military flights, destroying 7 gun positions of the enemy.

August 19th. In 1929, a Belarusian computer designer and a holder of the USSR State Award — Mikhail Chalaidyuk — was born.

August 20th. In 1934, Vladimir Tsagelsky — a Belarusian scientist in the field of informatics and one of the first Belarusian network programmers — was born in the village of Metlichitsy of the Logoisk District.

August 20th. In 1938, a Belarusian Greek-and-Roman fighting coach — Alexander Sheleg — was born. He’s a Master of Sports of the USSR, an Honoured Coach of Belarus and the USSR, a top national category judge.

August 21st. In 1923, Otar Dadishkiliani was born — a ballet master and opera conductor. He was an Honoured Figure of Arts of Belarus.

August 15th. In 1920, publishing of the Belarusian-language Savetskaya Belarus daily was launched.

August 15th. In 1963, a new House of Radio was ready in Minsk’s Krasnaya Street.

August 18th. In 1966, a decision was made to make a monumental-sculptural composition — the Mount of Glory — at the 21st kilometre of the Minsk-Moscow highway.

August 15th. In 1995, the Centre of Flight Co-ordination and Management was founded in Minsk to oversee air traffic over the Belarusian territory.

August 15th. In 1956, Komarovskaya Square was renamed into Yakub Kolas Square. In addition, the Language Institute of the BSSR Academy of Sciences was named after the great poet.

August 16th. In 1916, Batskaushchyna (Homeland) association of Belarusian clerisy was founded in Minsk.

August 16th. In 1945, Poland received 17 districts of the Bialystok Region (including Bialystok), in addition to three districts of the Brest Region.

August 16th. In 1956, the Yakub Kolas State Literary-Memorial Museum was established in Minsk.

August 17th. In 1805, a decree was released to open a temporary military hospital for 150 patients in Minsk (now known as the Main Clinical Hospital of the Belarusian Defence Ministry).

August 17th. In 1926, a kindergarten opened in Minsk’s Sovetskaya Street for 25 children of scientific workers.

August 17th. In 1952, a farm market opened in Minsk’s Budenny Street.

August 18th. In 1965, the Nuclear Energy Institute (of the BSSR Academy of Sciences) was founded.

August 19th. In 1956, ZIS-127 buses began their regular Minsk-Moscow-Minsk route.

August 19th. In 1970, the first issue of the Belarusian Historical and Cultural Monuments brochure was released.

August 19th. In 1983, Minsk’s Vostochny bus station welcomed its first passengers.

August 19th. In 1999, the Moskovsky inter-city bus station began its work.

August 19th. In 2000, a border ship of the Baltic fleet was named ‘Minsk’.

August 20th. In 1799, Minsk’s oldest medical establishment opened: the city hospital operating on basis of the Uniat St. Trinity Monastery. The 2nd city clinical hospital is situated on its premises now.

August 20th. In 1925, eighteen US buses were delivered to Minsk for the first time.

August 20th. In 2002, a stamp from the Belarusian Bridges went into circulation featuring a bridge of the Svisloch in the city centre.

August 21st. In 1911, a station studying marshes was established in Minsk.

August 21st. In 1928, the Belarusian Scientific-Research Tuberculosis Institute was founded in Minsk.

August 21st. In 1946, a pharmaceutical factory began its work on the basis of the Minsk Meat Plant.

August 21st. In 1960, Tsentralny cinema premiered the Fisrt Trials full-colour movie (shot at Belarusfilm Studio).
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