Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

April of decades and centuries past comes to life
April 18th. In 1814, Yevstafy Tyshkevich was born — a Belarusian archaeologist, historian, ethnographer and local history researcher.

April 18th. In 1940, composer Eduard Khanok was born — an Honoured Figure of Arts of Belarus and a People’s Artiste of Belarus.

April 18th. In 1950, Belarusian cyclist Vladimir Kaminsky was born; he became the first Belarusian Olympic champion in cycling.

April 19th. In 1881, Belarusian historian Vsevolod Ignatovsky was born — an academician of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences and the President of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

April 19th. In 1881, Valentin Volkov was born — a People’s Artist of Belarus and among those responsible for the BSSR emblem (1926 and 1938).

April 23rd. In 1886, Belarusian writer Zmitrok Byadulya (Samuil Plavnik) was born.

April 24th. In 1775, Yakov Falkovsky was born — an enlightener and a founder of sign language courses for deaf-mute children in Belarus and Poland.

April 24th. In 1903, Belarusian architect Lev Matskevich was born in Orsha. He helped create development plans for Orsha and Polotsk, alongside Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Square and Avenue. He also prepared a detailed plan for the capital until 2000.

April 24th. In 1908, Soviet Union Hero Georgy Zakharov was born — a General Major with the Air Force.

April 18th. In 1900, plans for a new stone mosque were approved. It was built in 1901 but Yubileinaya Hotel now stands on the site.

April 18th. In 1964, a Tu-124 made its first landing at Minsk Airport.

April 18th. In 1983, World Heritage Day was established (the International Day for Monuments and Sites).

April 21st. In 1969, a branch of Brest’s Regional Local History Museum opened: Kamenets Tower.

April 18th. In 2008, Belarus’ National History and Culture Museum received ancient guns discovered during reconstruction of building number 3, on Internatsionalnaya Street.

April 19th. In 1927, Belarus’ State Symphony Orchestra was established in Minsk (known as ‘academic’ since 1980).

April 19th. In 1949, work began on a park dedicated to the BSSR’s 30th anniversary; since 1962, it has been known as Yanka Kupala Park.

April 20th. In 1957, the first issue of Vyaselka magazine, for children, was published.

April 20th. In 1967, a solemn ceremony took place to mark the launch of a tram depot on Minsk’s Botanicheskaya Street.

April 20th. In 1960, Vitebsk’s regional TV studio began its work.

April 20th. In 1978, the Palace of Culture and Sports for Railway Workers opened in Minsk, designed by architect Anikina.

April 21st. In 1949, new streets were established in Minsk, near the Tractor Works: Budenny, Promyshlennaya, Klubnaya (now known as Klumov), Shcherbakov, Koshevoy, Zavodskoe Koltso (now known as Gritsevets) and Stakhanovskaya.

April 22nd. In 1918, the Higher Musical School opened in Belarus.

April 22nd. In 1994, young Belarusians from abroad met officially for the first time at a forum — gathering around 200 delegates from 20 youth associations from across the CIS, the Baltic States and Poland.

April 22nd. In 2004, a memorial plaque dedicated to artist Ferdynand Ruszczyc was unveiled in Minsk’s Partizansky District.
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