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October and November of decades and centuries past come to life

Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

October and November of decades and centuries past come to life

October and November of decades and centuries past come to lifeOctober 31st. In 1930, Lev Gumilevsky was born — a Belarusian sculptor and People’s Artist of Belarus. His major works comprise the Yanka Kupala monument in Minsk, the Yakub Kolas bas-relief, and portraits of Mikola Gusovsky, Klimova, Skorina and Korotkevich.

October 31st. In 1934, People’s Artiste of Belarus Tadeush Kokshtys was born in the village of Khokhlovo (Molodechno District). From1958, he performed at the Yakub Kolas National Academic Theatre, specialising in comedy roles.

November 1st. In 1903, state figure and diplomat Kuzma Kiselev was born, later becoming the BSSR Foreign Minister.

November 2nd. In 1974, Belarusian ice hockey player Ruslan Saley was born. He helped Belarus’ national team take fourth place at the 19th Olympics — hosted by the USA in 2002.

November 3rd. In 1949, Belarusian film director Mikhail Yakzhen was born.

November 4th. In 1919, Leonard Likhtarovich was born — a Belarusian artist-decorator and a graphical painter. He illustrated K. Krapiva’s Drama Stories and A. Rybakov’s The Drivers, as well as helping decorate the Belarusian pavilion at Moscow’s Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

November 5th. In 1954, Honoured Artiste of Belarus Igor Olovnikov was born in Minsk — a Belarusian pianist, organist, teacher, composer and Professor.

November 6th. In 1919, Honoured Worker of Culture, writer Nikolay Gorulev was born in the village of Baevo, in the Gomel Region’s Gorky District.

October 31st. In 1973, the Palace of Arts opened in Minsk, designed by architects Musinsky and Kravkova.

October 31st. In 1984, the Youth Theatre began its work in Minsk.

November 3rd. In 1972, a monument to Yakub Kolas was solemnly unveiled in Minsk Square (named after him) — devoted to the 90th anniversary of the poet’s birth.

November 1st. In 1967, the first issue of Vecherny Minsk (Evening Minsk) newspaper was published.

November 1st. In 1990, the Medical Institute (now known as the Gomel State Medical University) launched in Gomel.

November 1st. In 2002, the first stone was laid into the foundations of the National Library of Belarus, during a solemn ceremony.

November 2nd. In 1967, Minsk hosted the 1st exhibition at the State Museum of Belarus (now known as Belarus’ National Museum of History and Culture).

November 3rd. In 1923, the first labour saving office opened in Belarus.

November 3rd. In 1969, Bellegpromproekt Institute was established.

November 3rd. In 2003, a monument was unveiled to People’s Artiste of Belarus Stefaniya Stanyuta, at the Eastern Cemetery.

November 4th. In 1924, the Veterinary Institute (known since 1993 as the Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine) was founded at Vitebsk’s Higher Agricultural College.

November 4th. In 1977, a park named after the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory was solemnly laid out.

November 4th. In 1998, Dolby Stereo sound was launched at Minsk’s Moskva cinema (for the film Armageddon).

November 5th. In 1951, the State Universal Store (GUM) opened — covering 4,000 square metres.
November 5th. In 1964, TsUM welcomed its first buyers.

November 5th. In 1977, Svetoch bookstore opened on Parkovaya Road (now known as Pobediteley Avenue).

November 5th. In 1981, the Orlenok children’s cinema opened.

November 6th. In 1940, the first radio-technical company — Radio Plant (known since 1957 as Minsk’s Tool Building Plant) — was set up at the Derevoobrabotchik (Wood Processing) factory.

November 6th. In 1945, it was decided to construct Minsk’s Motovelo Plant.

November 6th. In 1974, the Torzhok-Minsk gas pipeline came into operation.

November 6th. In 1981, the first 50m of Minsk’s metro were laid — connecting the stations of Park Chelyuskintsev and Moskovskaya.
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