Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

April and May of decades and centuries past come to life
April 27th. In 1930, Mai Dantsiz was born — a painter, an Honoured Figure of Arts of Belarus and a People’s Artist of Belarus.

April 27th. In 1962, a mountaineer and a master of sports (of the international level) — Victor Kulbachenko — was born. He won numerous CIS and Belarusian competitions in mountaineering and sporting rock climbing.

April 28th. In 1957, Igor Matyukhov — a choir conductor and an Honoured Figure of Arts — was born.

April 30th. In 1901, Semen Kuznets (Semen Abramovich) was born in Pinsk — a Noble Prize holder, an economist and statistician who developed a method of GDP and other economic parameters’ calculation which are applied globally.

April 30th. In 1916, a Soviet Union Hero — Nikita Smorchkov — was born in the Orsha District’s Trofimenki. During the Great Patriotic War, he commanded an attack wing.

April 25th. In 1937, the Belarusian State Philharmonics was established.

April 25th. In 1961, the Belarus Recreation Centre opened in the village of Zhdanovichi.

April 25th. In 1978, 9th City Hospital opened in Minsk’s Semashko Street — becoming the largest in Belarus at that time.
April 26th. In 1842, the Brest Fortress opened; its first stone was laid on June 1st, 1836.

April 26th. In 1908, the Church-Archaeological Museum opened at Minsk’s Church Historical-Archaeological Committee.
April 26th. In 1964, Minsk’s Regional Local Lore Museum welcomed its first visitors.

April 26th. In 1986, a catastrophe happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power station — becoming among the largest nuclear disasters in the world.

April 26th. In 1991, the first stone was laid in the foundations of Minsk’s church to honour the memory of the Chernobyl disaster victims, in Pritytsky Street.

April 27th. In 1919, the first musical school opened in Belarus, with a 7-year curriculum programme.

April 27th. In 1945, the Belarusian SSR joined the UN founders.

April 27th. In 1958, the first universal book store opened in Minsk’s Kirov Street.

April 27th. In 1992, Belarus joined the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

April 28th. In 1954, Belarus joined the World Labour Organisation.

April 28th. In 1994, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus was established.

April 28th. In 1996, the first volume of the Belarusian Encyclopaedia was released. The most informative reference book on all spheres of knowledge consists of 18 volumes and includes around 80,000 articles.

April 29th. In 1855, the Belarusian archaeologist, folklorist and local lore researcher — Yevstafy Tyshkevich — established the Vilno Museum of Antiquities (operational until the beginning of WWI).

April 30th. In 1769, Grodno’s Tizengauz Theatre was founded.

April 30th. In 1775, the first Belarusian medical higher educational establishment was established: the Grodno Medical Academy.

May 1st is the Labour Day in Belarus.

April 26th. In 1999, the first many-apartment house was ready — built under the Rational House state programme of residential accommodation construction.
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