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Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

May and june of decades and centuries past come to life
May 30th. In 1937, a Belarusian and Russian conductor and choir master and an Honoured Artiste of Belarus — Igor Raevsky — was born.

May 31st. In 1948, Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich was born. She wrote A War’s Face is not Womanish, Last Witnesses, Zinc Boys, also holding the USSR State Award.

June 1st. In 1897, Pavel Batov was born — a participant of war battles in Belarus during the Great Patriotic War. He was a twice USSR Hero and an army general.

June 2nd. In 1946, David Kukui — a scientist in the field of foundry production, a Doctor of Technical Sciences and a Professor — was born in Minsk.

June 3rd. In 1859, a revolutionist and a member of Minsk’s social-democratic organisation — Piotr Rumyantsev was born.

June 4th. In 1937, a Belarusian architect and sculptor — Valentin Zankovich — was born. His major works include memorial complexes: the Khatyn, the Brest Hero Fortress and the Katyusha, as well as the Minsk — City-Hero Memorial.

June 5th. In 1854, Belarusian artist Yudel Pen — who painted A Vitebsk Street, An Old Soldier and A Watchmaker — was born. Among his pupils were Marc Chagall and Zair Azgur.

May 30th. The first stone was laid to construction of Mogilev’s Joseph Cathedral.

May 30th. In 1932, the Park of Culture and Recreation opened in Borisovsky Tract — now known as Chelyuskintsev Park.

May 30th. In 1999, a tragedy on Mink’s Nemiga metro station happened. To honour the memory, a memorial plaque was unveiled in 2002 — featuring the names of all those who died.

June 5th. In 1962, a meeting took place devoted to laying the first stone into a Yanka Kupala Memorial (devoted to the poet’s 80th birthday).

May 31st. In 1996, a special geodesic plaque was installed near the village of Antonovo, in the Pukhovichi District — indicating Belarus’ geographical centre.

June 1st. In 1836, the first stone was laid to the foundations of the Brest Fortress: a complex of defensive constructions of Brest (Brest-Litovsk).

June 1st. In 1840, the first Belarusian theatre opened — established by Wincenty Dunin-Marcinkiewicz.

June 1st. In 1918, the Belarusian State Conservatory opened.

June 1st. In 1933, the National Economy Institute was founded.

June 1st. In 1965, the Lida Paints Factory began operation; its construction began in May 1963.

June 1st. In 2004, a trading centre began its work at Minsk-1 airport.

June 2nd. In 1922, the Belarusian State University’s Pedagogics Department was established — transforming into the Minsk Pedagogic Institute in 1931 and becoming the Belarusian State Pedagogic University in 1993.

June 2nd. In 1934, the Dinamo Stadium opened in Minsk. During the Great Patriotic War, it was destroyed but was restored from 1947-1954. An entrance arc was then built from the side of the Kirov Street.

June 3rd. In 1965, the Pripyat Landscape-Hydrological Reserve (now known as the Pripyatsky National Park) was created — to preserve Polesie’s unique flora and fauna.

June 4th. In 1949, Minsk’s Library College was named after Pushkin (to date the poet’s 150th birthday). Since 1961, the educational establishment is located in Mogilev.

June 4th. In 1997, a memorial plaque was unveiled on the house where Konstantin Sannikov — a People’s Artiste of the BSSR — lived.

June 5th. In 1890, Minsk’s City Theatre opened — now known as the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre.

June 5th. In 1913, a confectionery was established in Narovlya. During the Civil War, it was fully destroyed but, in 1925, it was revamped. At present, it’s known as Krasny Mozyryanin.

June 5th. In 1953, construction of a publishing factory began near the Komarovskaya Square.
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