Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

May of decades and centuries past comes to life
May 23rd. In 1959, Belarusian athlete (cycling) Oleg Logvin was born in Borisov. He is an Olympic champion in 101km road team race, as well as a silver and bronze medallist of world championships in 100km team race. Moreover, he is also a winner of the world’s cycling races.

24th May.
In 1923, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Mikhailov was born, who took part in the battles on the territory of Belorussiya during the Great Patriotic War.

25th May.
In 1933, Belarusian athlete (track-and-field and hammer throwing) Romuald Klim was born. He is an Olympic champion (1954, Tokyo), a silver medallist of the Olympic Games (1968, Mexico), a European champion, and a record breaker of the world, Europe and the USSR.

May 26th.
In 1939, Belarusian architect Arkady Korotkov was born — a laureate of the State Award of Belarus for designing and development of Novopolotsk.

May 27th. In 1939, Belarusian philosopher and culturologist Vadim Saleev was born — Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor and Honoured Figure of Culture of Belarus.

28th May. In 1894, General Lieutenant and Hero of the Soviet Union Frants Perkhorovich was born in the Borisov District’s Zalyadie village in the Minsk Province. He took part in the WWI and the civil war.

May 29th. In 1909, film actress Yanina Zheimo was born in Volkovysk in the family of circus artistes. She became famous due to her role of Cinderella in the film of the same title.

23rd May. In 1173, Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya (Predslava) died during her pilgrimage to Jerusalem. She was a duchess, Mother Superior of the St. Saviour Monastery in Polotsk and enlightener, who has left a deep trace in the history and memory of the Belarusian nation.

25th May. In 1933, the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus (now, the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus) was opened in Minsk.

23rd May. Belarusian military pilot Vladimir Karvat made a heroic deed, preventing the fall of the wrecked plane on the settlements at the expense of his life. He was the first to be awarded the title of the Hero of Belarus (postmortem).

23rd May. In 1998, a memorial complex was unveiled on the site of Masevichi village in the Kopyl District, which was burn down by chasteners together with its residents. The memorial honours the memory of twenty villages, which disappeared from the map of the Kopyl District during war years.

24th May. In 1975, Soyuz-18 spacecraft (crew — P. Klimuk and V. Sevastianov) was launched, mated with Salyut-4 orbital station. The total flight time was around 63 days. Belarus-born pilot cosmonaut P. Klimuk was awarded the title of twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

26th May. In 1799, a city hospital (now, 2nd city hospital) — the oldest health institution — opened at the Holy Trinity Monastery. Since 1834, it has been operating as Minsk city hospital.

26th May. In 1959, 13th Minsk city children’s polyclinic was founded.

26th May. In 1995, borders between Belarus and Russia were solemnly removed.

27th May. In 1924, Novogrudok hosted a solemn laying of the Mound of Immortality, upon the initiative of the Mickiewicz Committee.

27th May. In 1968, the Belarusian State Archives of Sci-Tech Documents was established.

28th May. In 1927, the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus was set up.

28th May. In 1934, the city’s largest department store — GUM — opened its doors for buyers in Minsk.

29th May. In 1946, the construction of the Tractor Works was launched in Minsk.

May 29th.
In 1958, the first stage of the Pinsk heat and power electric station was out into exploitation.

May 29th. In 1970, Belynichi Art Museum (named after Vitold Belynitsky-Birulya opened.

May 29th.
In 1992, Belarusian Capella Theatre and Concert Association was created.
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