Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

February of decades and centuries past comes to life

February of decades and centuries past comes to life

February 13th. In 1705, playwright Františka Ursula Radziwill was born. She was known as the most educated woman of her time who, in 1746, established the first theatre in Slavonic history: Nesvizh’s Theatre of the Radziwills.

February 14th. In 1937, Belarusian physicist German Shishkin was born — a Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, a Professor and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

February 15th. In 1904, singer, conductor, public figure, and People’s Artiste of Belarus and the USSR Larisa Alexandrovskaya was born. In 1992, an award was established to honour theatrical personalities, in her name.

February 17th. In 1960, Belarusian yachtsman Sergey Kravtsov was born — a world and European champion in the ‘Tornado’ class and a world bronze winner in the ‘Erickson’ class.

February 18th. In 1935, composer Sergey Kortes was born. The Honoured Figure of Arts and Honoured Artiste of Belarus headed the National Academic Opera Theatre from 1991-2002.

February 19th. In 1865, Georgy Vysotsky was born — a soil researcher, a forester and geo-botanist. He founded the forestry research sphere in Belarus and headed Minsk’s forest research station.

February 13th. In 1824, the Belarusian Archive of Ancient Charters was published in Moscow — the first collection of documents on the history of Belarusian lands.

February 13th. In 1994, Belarus performed independently at the Games for the first time, at the 17th Winter Olympics hosted by Norway’s Lillehammer. It occupied 15th place for its number of medals, among 67 states.

February 14th. In 1992, CIS heads signed an agreement in Minsk on the restitution of historical treasures to states from which they have been removed.

February 16th. In 1583, Duke Radziwill Sierotka began constructing Nesvizh Castle, attracting Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni (until 1599).

February 14th. In 1999, Minsk’s Uruchie Sports Complex hosted a record kissing event, gathering over 6,000 people.

February 14th. In 2001, the Sokol residential area, and that occupied by Minsk National Airport, joined the capital’s territory.

February 15th. In 1989, International Warriors Memorial Day was proclaimed: the day on which Soviet troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan.

February 15th. In 1994, International Warriors Memorial Day was celebrated in Belarus for the first time — since marked annually.

February 15th. In 2002, the Chinese Language and Culture Centre opened at Minsk’s State Linguistic University.

February 15th. In 2005, the Minsk House of Justice opened in Minsk.

February 16th. In 1925, the Inbelkult Library (now known as the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library) opened at the Institute of Belarusian Culture.

February 16th. In 1945, nine new tram wagons arrived in Minsk from Leningrad.

February 16th. In 2004, the first station to temporarily house animals opened in Minsk.

February 17th. In 1005, the Christian Eparchy was founded in Turov — becoming one of the oldest in Belarus.

February 17th. In 1938, the Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble (of the Western Military Command) gave its first concert near Smolensk (now known as the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Belarusian Armed Forces).

February 17th. In 1971, the Belarusian Scientific-Research Centre for Plant Protection was established.

February 17th. In 1997, Belarus’ Council of Ministers adopted a decree ‘On Placing Official Information about the Republic of Belarus on the Global Computer Network of the Internet’.

February 18th. In 1563, Ivan the Terrible’s troops seized Polotsk during the Livonian War.

February 18th. In 1930, the first BSSR tractor machinery factory was established in Koidanovo (known as the town of Dzerzhinsk since 1932).

February 19th. In 1935, the first exemplary grocery shop opened at the corner of Minsk’s Komsomolskaya and Sovetskaya streets.

February 19th. In 1937, the All-Belarusian Session of Councils adopted the BSSR Constitution.
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