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November of decades and centuries past comes to life

Kaleidoscope of history unveiled

November of decades and centuries past comes to life

November of decades and centuries past comes to lifeNovember 7th. In 1936, Nikolay Miligulo was born. A Belarusian gymnast and coach, he won silver at the 27th Olympics in Rome (1960).

November 8th. In 1902, a Russian scientist in the field of energy and computer devices, Isaak Bruk, was born in Minsk. He established a scientific-engineering school to develop computers and managing machines.

November 9th. In 1977, Belarusian sportsman (freestyle, ski acrobatic) Dmitry Dashchinsky was born. He won bronze at the 18th Winter Olympics (1998, Japan).

November 11th. In 1909, Georgy Zaborsky was born — an Honoured Constructor of the BSSR and Honoured Architect of the USSR. He designed many unique city buildings and monuments: the Victory Monument, the Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University, the Pioneer Cinema (the State Puppet Theatre), a residential building for Yakub Kolas’ family (which later became a museum) and a monument to this prominent Belarusian poet.

November 12th. In 1920, prominent Belarusian playwright and People’s Writer of Belarus Andrey Makayonok was born.

November 13th. In 1928, Boleslav Rybalko was born — an Honoured Coach of the BSSR and the USSR. From 1970-1972, he headed the coaching staff of the USSR free wrestling team (which won gold at the Munich Olympics). Among his trainees were Alexander Medved and Vladimir Letun.

November 7th. In 1922, a monument to Karl Marx was unveiled at the crossroads of Marx and Engels streets.

November 7th. In 1933, the House of Government building opened in Minsk and a monument to Lenin was unveiled in front.

November 7th. In 1933, Minsk’s airport began its work.

November 7th. In 1944, the Belarusian State Museum of Great Patriotic War History opened.

November 7th. In 1950, Minsk’s Pobeda Cinema came into operation.

November 8th. In 1956, the Museum of Brest Fortress Defence opened, as part of the Brest Hero-Fortress Memorial.

November 7th. In 2007, the first section of the metro, connecting Vostok and Uruchie stations, came into use.

November 8th. In 1929, the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Factory (now known as the Medical Preparations Plant) was established in Minsk.

November 8th. In 1986, a new air terminal was launched in Brest.

November 9th. In 1913, the Hospital for Infectious Diseases opened on Nikolaevskaya Street (now — Kropotkin).

November 9th. In 1981, the Soligorsk Sewing Factory of Artificial Fur Products was launched.

November 9th is Guinness World Record Day (established in 2005).

November 10th. In 1930, the first Belarusian cinema using sound opened: Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star).

November 10th. In 1978, a bust of B. Zeldovich was unveiled on Surganov Street.

November 11th. In 1963, the BSSR Central Historical Archives moved from Mogilev to Minsk. These are now located inside a specially constructed building, at 55 Kropotkin Street.

November 11th. In 1999, the Kozyansky Landscape Reserve was established to preserve unique Belarusian Poozerie (an area of lakes).

November 12th. In 1952, the State People’s Choir of the BSSR was founded by Gennady Tsitovich (who became its Artistic Leader).

November 12th. In 1969, Lukoml hydro-electric station began producing energy.

November 13th. In 1928, Inbelkult was reorganised as Belarus’ Academy of Sciences.

November 13th. In 1993, the Supreme Council of Belarus adopted the law ‘On Protection of Historical-Cultural Heritage’.
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