[b]Dear friends!I sincerely congratulate you on the remarkable jubilee. It has been 80 years since the release of the first issue of Belarus magazine.[/b]
[Dear friends!
I sincerely congratulate you on the remarkable jubilee. It has been 80 years since the release of the first issue of Belarus magazine.
The edition, which is Belarus’ calling card, reflects the life of our country comprehensively and in detail, while covering international collaboration. Undoubtedly, this promotes mutually beneficial and fruitful co-operation with foreign countries while strengthening Belarus’ status around the globe.
I’m sure that the editorial staff won’t rest on their laurels, but will aim for further creative achievements in Belarusian journalism.
I wish all employees of Belarus magazine success in realising new ideas and projects, while enjoying health and happiness.
Oleg Proleskovsky Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus

To all those involved in the creation of Belarus magazine
I congratulate you on the jubilee with great pleasure. It’s wonderful that our country boasts such a wonderful business card. One edition greatly helped me in making contacts with colleagues from India, since it offered them personal and official information on me. I hope that the magazine will continue promoting international ties, enhancing our country’s prestige. I sincerely wish you a long and successful run and positive thinking.
Lidia Ermoshina Head of the Central Committee of the Republic of Belarus on elections and republican referendums

Several years ago, I was fortunate to work with Belarus journalists. I believe it was the best interview I’ve ever given. As a scientist, I was given the opportunity to say everything I thought and was treated respectfully as a conversation partner. When they sent my text for checking I found that none of my thoughts had been omitted and my judgements remained undistorted. I was speaking about Belarusian nature and geology, explaining that we continue to study the ground for deposits. I tried to dispel the common opinion that Belarus is poor in mineral resources. After several journalistic questions, I understood that those talking to me truly support our Belarusian land. Moreover, they understood me perfectly, despite my using scientific terms.
Reading the magazine further, I saw that it boasts expert knowledge and true professionalism. It can’t be otherwise, since it bears such a great name: Belarus!
I enjoy your magazine and continue to read it with pleasure. I’m very glad to congratulate you all on the jubilee.
Anatoly Makhnach, an academician at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and chief research officer at the Belarusian Research Institute for Geological Exploration

I’m very proud that Belarus magazine has chosen foreign languages as one of its major topics. This is vital for the country, which is actively integrating in the international community.
Looking closely at the edition, it’s a great resource for use in the teaching of foreign languages across the board, via various educational establishments in Belarus. Our readers are keen to learn about outstanding people, sights and contemporary events in Belarus.
The magazine is used in English, Polish and Spanish, since it helps us teach foreign languages while orienting readers to understand foreign partners. The magazine inspires discussion on so many topics and presents diverse information on modern Belarus.
I congratulate the magazine on its jubilee! I hope for further fruitful co-operation and expect new and interesting materials on its pages.
Larisa Trigubova, Director of the School of Retraining and Teacher Development at Minsk’s State Linguistic University

I’m eternally grateful to Belarus magazine for its focus on Belarusian culture. Being an artist, visual culture — in particular, pictorial art (part of Belarus’ image) is of great importance to me.
Few countries can boast so many talented artists. For the past 80 years, generations of journalists have presented their names and achievements to a wide public. Artists are grateful for editions like Belarus magazine, since they expand people’s knowledge of Belarus: of our natural culture, our respect for traditions and our yearning for experimentation and innovation.
In the context of your jubilee, I send congratulations to those involved in the creation of the magazine today. With all my heart, I wish for even greater popularity among readers.
May success and creative discoveries attend you!
Mikhail Barazna, Scientific Pro-rector at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

It’s difficult for creative personalities to maintain their individuality amongst so many but a true master will undoubtedly find their way. Belarus magazine is created in a masterly fashion, and with soul. It embodies a contemporary palette for information and journalism, assessing the country, its people and events. I’m particularly glad that your magazine always publishes cultural articles, since spirituality is vital in every age. Our cultural heritage is so rich that, I believe, your authors have no problem in finding topics. I’m particularly keen to read materials dedicated to pictorial art and I’m very pleased to be the focus of one such feature.
From the height of my creative experience, I urge you to continue developing. Bring new discoveries and new stories to light on our people; they’re worth it. Let people all over the globe learn more about Belarusians; we are also part of this world.
Leonid Shchemelev, People’s Artist of Belarus

We all respond differently to editions. I’ve been co-operating with the magazine for over 30 years. It boasts the best title in the world — Belarus. My first story — Holy Bird (which is said to be my best literary work to date) was published on its pages, but I’ve had several pieces in the magazine, each contemplating the meaning of life, creativity and the world of theatre. I’ve been interviewed by its journalists, each one giving the article their own twist. Each time, their questions have aroused interest, showing creative apprehension. The magazine explores the most amazing events and meets with Belarus’ most prominent personalities.
I’m always pleased to open up a new edition of the magazine. There are information summaries, giving an overview of the country, and analytical reviews of politics, economics, history, culture and sports. Of course, being a man of the theatre, I give most attention to pages dedicated to premieres, actors and producers. I’m glad to see artistic journalism. It reminds me that Belarusian theatre is alive, moving with the times and, sometimes, even setting trends.
What good wishes can I send? Primarily, a long life and prosperity, which, to my mind, is possible only if you are worthy of your honourable title…

Alexey Dudarev, playwright and Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Theatre Workers
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